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Where to Get Digital Products to Sell eBooks Online?

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With the advancements in digital technologies, people around the world are looking for options to make a purchase on the internet. Which makes it all that much more appealing to sell ebooks online.

The era of the internet and social media has changed the way we live and shop. As tasks get more and more digitized, they are making our life pretty simple. 

It is now possible to save millions of books in a tiny pen drive and you can read them any time, anywhere. The era of smartphones, tablets, and laptops has changed the way we used to perceive education a few years back. Today’s generation prefers to read eBooks that can be accessed digitally on the go. 

Where To Find And Sell EBooks Online:

Now, there is one important concern about eBooks. You purchase it online by paying a hefty price, read it on your device and when you finish, it stays unused. So, how you can utilize it ahead.

If you are a frequent reader and prefer to buy lots of books online, you may have many such unused books in your digital storage. Well, it is good to find a way to sell such unused books and make some money online. But the task is not that easy.

If you have a printed book, there is no problem with reselling it online. You can organize an auction, sell it to a friend or a neighbor.

This is because when you buy a printed book, you’re now the full owner of it and are free to sell it to someone else, if you choose. But this is not the case with eBooks.

In the case of these digital books, the publisher controls your purchase for the licensed eBook. As per the licensing guidelines of eBooks, the reader can not legally resell the book. The publisher can even remove the book from your device. 

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So, how can you get digital products to sell and deal with this issue?

Well, you will be surprised to know that there are some trusted platforms that can help you sell eBooks online along with many other digital products online.

Here we are going to talk about that offers several incredible opportunities to make money online.

The best part is that while reselling eBooks from this platform, you need not worry about the legal issue. Here you’ll get the master resell rights to earn 100% on your profits!

So, let us have a detailed discussion on how you can get digital products from IDPLR. 

IDPLR: Best Resource for getting Digital Products and Selling PLR eBooks Online

IDPLR is one of the largest PLR membership sites that is serving the audience since 2008. It is currently having more than 7600 members worldwide and keeps on selling 12590 different PLR products.

This platform is the best solution for all those who don’t find much time or resources to develop their own content and digital products to sell online. 

If you’re interested in selling digital products and eBooks online, but lack the time to create them; IDPLR can serve your needs.

IDPLR’s digital products can be used for many things; social media feeds, email content, product creation, and selling purposes.

This platform contains PLR products from different categories including music, articles, templates, graphics, videos, and eBooks. 

How to Make Money with IDPLR Products | by Syed Murtaza Ali | Medium

You will be happy to hear that this platform also offers some handy bonuses including 10GB of hosting web-space, WordPress sales page builder, 3D eBook cover creator, and many more. 

Those who are interested to sell eBooks online can access more than 6315 PLR on this platform. Along with many other licensing types of eBooks are easily available to those who join the membership.

The platform is updated with at least two new eBooks every week so, you can access many new collections as well.

If you are interested in focusing on the technology niche, you may find frequent eBook updates on this platform. With this up-to-date content, you can definitely leverage more opportunities to make money online. 

Get Digital Products To Sell Of ALL Types:

On IDPLR, you can get digital products to sell from many categories including trading, finance, motivation, yoga, travel, cooking, relationship, health, and many other digital marketing subcategories.

The best thing to know about this section is that all the eBooks come with a special package that also includes emails and a squeeze page to assist you with the reselling and giveaway process. 

The eBooks are available in both Microsoft Word format and PDF version as well so that you can access and make edits to them with ease. EBook covers are also designed really well to make it look more attractive so that you can close sales fast. They are eBooks loaded with rich content, providing great value to the reader. 


In order to make money with the IDPLR platform, you have to be more careful about selecting the correct products.

The products here are available with different labels; the list includes personal rights, giveaway rights, master resell rights, resell rights, and private label rights.

In the case of private label rights, you are free to rebrand, modify and resell the products; however, in the case of master resell rights and resell rights license, you cannot modify the products but resell is allowed. Personal rights make products usable only for personal needs. 

Now you have gone through all the amazing benefits of selling digital products and eBooks on the IDPLR platform.

It is the right time to purchase a membership to access all PLR products. The membership packages are available for three months, one year, and for a lifetime as well. Once you become a member, you can access all products on this platform and start your reselling business to make money online.

Along with eBooks, you can also sell software products, videos, templates, articles, music, and graphics at a profitable price. Beginners can also avail themselves to the free training on IDPLR to run their digital product selling business online.

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