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Digital Real Estate Business For Sale – Martinsburg WV

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We all should be scrambling to own local digital real estate. It’s a market virtually untapped and poised for enormous growth!

Not sure what Digital Real Estate is? Here are a few extreme examples you may have heard of…

  • Amazon.com – In 1994 the world’s wealthiest and most well known digital real estate property, Amazon.com was first established. It now employs 33,700 people and is the world’s largest online retailer that has just about anything you can imagine for sale earning it $34,204,000,000 yearly.
  • Google – Began its search engine reign in 1996. Today it is the #1 ranked site in the world and earns over $29,321,000,000 per year.
  • eBay – Was founded in 1995 and is the top online auction website. It since has acquired multiple companies with total sales of $9,156,000,000 yearly.

Not everyone can start an Amazon, Google or eBay, but the stories of these remarkable businesses make a powerful statement in that online business is SERIOUS business. And now is the time to create your own valuable digital real estate assets.

These mammoth businesses are less than 25 years old and are amongst the highest earning companies in the world. Proving that the internet is not only here to stay, but also still in its infancy.

People are demanding hyperlocal “community-focused” online experiences.

As the internet continues its growth, there will be an increased demand for hyperlocal websites/blogs to create content that’s accommodating towards the needs of residents within a particular community.

People of the community will want to experience entertainment, news, videos, events and other media exclusive to their own community.

What does this mean for you?

It means that right now, there is an enormous opportunity for you to invest in digital real estate capable of filling the need of a select demographic of people within the Martinsburg WV community.

Starting a local niche blog that delivers creative content for a predefined market can be a very profitable business endeavor.

You can choose a niche market that you’re passionate about, or together we can research local industries to determine which would make the most sense to pursue.

Maybe you already have a business in Martinsburg or a neighboring city. You could use a local niche blog to expand your customer base and build your online reputation.

ULiveWV will plan, develop and manage your digital asset!

ULiveWV is a platform in which multiple contributors can cooperate together in delivering collaborative media & entertainment.

As a community media development organization, we will help you successfully launch your local niche blog by providing you with support, promotion, and even monetization solutions.

You don’t need to have any internet experience or knowledge to become a digital real estate business owner. ULiveWV can manage all aspects of your digital asset.

However, if you are comfortable using general software applications on the internet and would like to manage the blog yourself, our team will support you with your blogs development as needed.

With your own local niche blog business, your blog will be responsible for delivering entertaining and informative content to the residents of Martinsburg WV.

We have digital marketing specialists who can produce videos, articles, photography, music, art, performances and all kinds of exciting content for your site. And the best part is that they are all residents of Berkeley, Jefferson and Morgan Counties.

After your local niche blog is all set up, we’ll distribute its content through social media, search engines (SEO), Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and other forms of new media to attract local traffic & visitors.

With its 2017 Community Entertainment & Media Launch, ULiveWV has made starting and owning digital real estate in Martinsburg WV accessible for anyone.

The countless ways for your digital real estate to make money:

Your digital real estate business can make you money in numerous ways, but the most common revenue sources are:

1) Small Business Advertisers – Our sales team will work to place local businesses on your site. As your traffic grows so will your profits.

2) Online Campaigns – Promote special campaigns and offers for your blogs followers.

3) Digital Products & Services For Sale – We’ll help you develop exclusive digital products that you can make for sale to subscribers.

4) Local Events – Take your digital property into the community! Host live events and shows where your fans can interact face to face with you and your brand.

There are many strategies you can use to build a sustainable income with your digital real estate property. ULiveWV can discover income generation strategies that are unique to your individual blog.

If you’d like more information on how you can start your own digital real estate using a local niche blog contact us: support@ulivewv.com

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