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Best Turnkey Online Business Opportunity for Beginners

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Best Turnkey Online Business Opportunity for Beginners

You may at a point where you’re struggling to find your next step in life. Maybe you’ve lost your job or maybe an 8-to-5 just isn’t for you. What to do?

The beauty of the internet age we’re living in is the decentralized nature of things. Anyone can do anything from anywhere.

If you’re interested in business or having a steady stream of passive income, there is no shortage of turnkey online business opportunities even for complete beginners.

What is Turnkey Online Business?

Turnkey websites are complete and fully functional sites that are ready for use. Turnkey businesses are those that can be started immediately with little to no effort, and sometimes capital. Combining the two, you get an online turnkey business opportunity.

Such business sites are bundles with domain names, hosting, and even e-commerce functionality. One great platform offering such an easy start to an online business is the widely popular Wealthy Affiliate.

Get A Turnkey Online Business With Bluehost:

Simply put, Bluehost is a website builder with tools that equip you to start whatever online business you require. It grants you and your entry-level business a low-cost platform to launch.

It is great for beginners in that it is very user-friendly, yet has advanced features if you can take advantage of them. Whatever your online turnkey business requires, Bluehost helps you showcase exactly what your brand and business are about all with drag-and-drop functionality.

Bluehost pricing caters to beginners and small businesses by offering live chat and e-commerce functionality in their free plan, with unlimited pages and hosting. $5/month will get you the Starter Plan, which gets rid of the Bluehost branding and ads.

There is also a Pro Plan which focuses on security and multimedia for $12/month. For an all-out, serious e-commerce business, the $25/month plan offers all you need, and then some.

When thinking about pursuing turnkey business opportunities, Bluehost offers stiff competition to similar platforms out there, especially for an out-and-out beginner. Here are some of the best, practical turnkey business opportunities you can pursue online using Bluehost.

  1. Blogging

While blogging has developed a bad reputation over time with everyone claiming to be a blogger, there are many success stories. There is no reason why yours shouldn’t be one of them.

The only thing to keep in mind when starting a blog is that you need to write about something people want to read about. With a niche in mind, you can choose Bluehost themes that suit the vibe of your content, get the perfect domain name and hosting. You’re good to go.

Of course, growing your audience organically will take some time. You will, however, have already started an online turnkey business for under $20. With great, relatable content, you will soon be able to monetize your blog through ads or even affiliate selling.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, your forego selling and sell on behalf of others. It is a commission-based online business where you help sell what brands have stocked.

With a simple site from a service like Wealthy Affiliate, you can focus on a category or many categories of items (niche or authority site respectively). With low-competition keywords, you can ensure that your site will always be found with high rank.

Whenever an affiliate (referral) link is clicked on your site and a purchase is made (say, on Amazon), you earn a commission.

For a turnkey business, the potential for huge income is, well, huge, and better still, it does not require your constant attention.

  1. E-Commerce

Setting up an e-commerce site used to be a daunting task but thanks to platforms like Bluehost, it is a few clicks to launch.

As a turnkey business, you get to build gradually starting with features that are already available for cheap or for free.

  1. Indie Literature

Even if you base it entirely on your life’s events, you can definitely write a book. A story at the very least. Indie publishing is now established thanks to the Kindle platform and the unattainable standards required to get a book traditionally published.

For a beginner with stories, you can create a site that is personalized to the tune of your indie books, and have visitors read snippets and pay for the digital literature. You can also use the website to just market and link back to your books which are available on Amazon.

If the content is good enough, you will be selling the same product to many people. Not bad for a beginner, right?

  1. Flipping Websites and Domains

It would not be a list of the best turnkey online business opportunities without flipping something for profit. Website and domains are bought and sold constantly online and you could get in on that action.

There are two approaches to this: you could either buy a site and domain and use them or sell them for a higher value. Let’s focus on the latter.

If you can spot websites and domains with potential, it is a great business opportunity. That, or you buy and park domains and wait for an interested party to eventually come along.

Either way, you could have a simple Bluehost site to list the sites and domains you have for sale and potentially rake in huge profits with little effort.

  1. Amazon FBA

FBA – Fulfilled By Amazon. It bears some similarity to e-commerce but it is an entirely different turnkey business. With Amazon FBA, you use the reputation of the giant retailer, as well as have them advertise, package, ship, and accept returns. Wait, what?

Yes. The FBA program allows you to find a product (idea) to sell, find a manufacturer for the product, have the product shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, list the product on Amazon, and sell. Amazon will send you a cut of the sales.

You can have a Bluehost site to market your wares as well.

  1. Teach Online

Any unique skill you possess is something someone would pay to learn. It is simple: create online courses which you can have on educational platforms, or, have your Bluehost site and put the paid content behind a CTA of your choice,

  1. Sell Digital Products

While teaching online is mainly done via visual media, any other form of digital media can be sold either outright or via a membership/ subscription site.

It can be anything from Excel templates to digital print images. The beauty of it is that you only create a product once and sell it infinitely!

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