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Create Promotional Page and Win New Customers For Your Business!

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A website is a magnificent tool for displaying detailed information about your business and services, but it can not “close the deal” like a well designed promotional landing page.

When you’re ready to win new sales for your business and turn prospects into customers, you’re going to want to create a promotional page designed to make visitors take a clear and specific action.

That action might be to submit their contact information, download a free report, watch a video, claim a coupon or even make a purchase. Whatever the action is, it is the job of your promotional page to persuade the visitor to take it. And take it NOW!

Here are a few reasons why creating a promotional page is so important for your business:

1) Sells a single product/service/offer

A promotional page eliminates the static. Its focus is to sell the benefits of one single product or service offered by your business.

Before you create your promotional page you should’ve planned and packaged an “irresistible” offer your visitors would be absolutely crazy not to take advantage of.

You’ll want to make it as simple as possible to understand what you are offering and what action you want them to take to get it. Too many options can confuse your prospective customer, making them turn and run.

2) Control the sales process

A common website can overwhelm visitors with too much irrelevant information all at one time.

By developing an inbound marketing campaign, you can guide a targeted demographic of prospects step-by-step through unique information that will be of value to them. This is automating your sales funnel.

Your promotional landing page will give you full control over what your prospects views and reads throughout the sales process. You’ll have the privilege of presenting your prospects with information that will help make your case. And after you’ve presented, you can continue to lead them to the next step of the process.

3) Capture contact information

Approximately 97% of the people who make it to your promotional page WILL NOT BUY. For that reason, it’s crucial to capture your visitors’ contact information so that you can continue to follow up with them.

Most small businesses throw THOUSANDS of dollars away every year on advertising by not having a promotional landing page. They throw their marketing budgets at all sorts of media to compete for that 3% who are “ready to buy”. A HUGE WASTE!

Smart business owners learn how to create irresistible offers and then create a promotional page to present their offer to prospects who may be interested in their products sometime in the near, or far, future.

They know that people buy from businesses they trust and with the prospects contact information, they can build rapport with their future customers.

4) Test, Test, Test

You may have heard this one before because it’s extremely important.

With a promotional landing page, you can perform a/b split testing to learn what aspects contribute to higher conversions and ROI. You can test 2,3,4 or more pages to see which brings you the best results. When you find the best one, you can then tweak it to build its conversions.

You can make ANY form of advertising trackable and transparent with a promotional page. No more guessing on whether a specific media will work or not. You can simply connect it to a landing page and easily see for yourself.

But don’t be too quick to discredit a form of advertising without adjusting offers, images, buttons, videos, etc. It takes a lot of trials to find an advertising process that generates consistent profits.

5) Lead & Sales Automation

One of the main reasons you’ll want to create a promotional page is to leverage your business with sales automation.

Having a promotional landing page will allow you to automatically build a relationship with new customers. You can create videos of yourself explaining the benefits of your services and why they should go with you and not your competitor.

With lead nurturing, your prospects can receive prewritten email messages that can be sent daily, weekly or monthly giving them more information about your business.

These tasks can all be accomplished while you focus on running the day to day operations of your business.

These are just a few reasons you should create a promotional page for your business as soon as possible.


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