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4 Benefits of Landing Pages And How They Work.

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Benefits of Landing Pages and How They Work

There are many benefits of landing pages, and once you’ve got a good understanding of how landing pages work you’ll cringe knowing you’ve gone so long without using them.

To begin with, a landing page is a single web page designed to get visitors to take a specific action.

That action might be to get visitors to fill out a lead form, download an informational product about your business, make a purchase or sign-up for an exclusive webinar.

Whatever your “call to action” is, it’s the job of your landing page to entice and persuade visitors to take action immediately.

A well-designed landing page will work as an automated sales tool that can systematically increase the number of leads and sales your business acquires.

Unlike a traditional website that has multiple pages with the purpose of completely informing prospects about the general operations, services, and products of a business. A landing page is designed to center the attention of your visitors on just one offer and leads them towards taking you up on that offer.

Most small business marketers use landing pages as a way to collect contact information, mainly names and email addresses, from visitors. They are aware that over 93% of first-time visitors will leave your site, never to return again.

By utilizing a landing page, you can capture an average of 27% of these “missed opportunities” and begin the relationship building process with an email marketing strategy.

This process also aids in developing a quality email list of hot prospects for your business.


Below you can find the 4 top benefits
of landing pages and how they work:


1) Persuasive Sales copy

The content that you put on your landing page is a critical part of its performance. Every word should direct visitors to the ultimate goal of taking your desired pre-planned action.

The sales copy you use on your landing page can be in the form of a sales letter, video or both and it should include:

A powerful headline – To grab their attention quickly.
A detailed “sales pitch” – Highlight the benefits of your product and the problem it will solve for your visitors.
An irresistible offer – Give your visitors an offer that they can’t refuse.
Testimonials, Reviews & Social Proof – Proving that others have used and loved your product makes it an easier decision for new visitors.

2) Direct Call to action

One reason landing pages work so well is that it “asks for the sale.”

So be direct and tell your visitors clearly what action you want them to take. Is it to “Buy Now”, “Sign Up”, “Download An Ebook”, etc…

You’ll never get the sale if you don’t ask for it. And landing pages make it extremely easy to ask!

3) Automated Email follow-up

As I mentioned before, capturing contact information is an essential objective for a landing page.

Once a visitor gives you permission to send them more information about your business… Do it! But do it tastefully.

You should create at least 6 pre-written email messages to be automatically sent to autoresponder software.

Landing page software like GetResponse will enable you to send timed email messages to the people who’ve subscribed to your list.

So depending on how often you’d like to send your messages out to your new subscribers; daily, every other day, weekly, you can set it and forget it. It will do the job for you!

4) Conversion Tracking & A/B testing

Landing pages also make testing what works and what doesn’t work very simple.

With a/b testing you can test two or more landing pages that have different headlines, images, colors, call to actions and more.

Remember your goal is to get as many people to take action as possible. By improving the elements on your landing page you will increase the number of conversions you receive and in turn increase the number of leads/sales.


The more you test your landing pages for performance and conversions, the more revenue you’ll generate for your business.


These are just the predominant benefits of landing pages. As you begin using them to build your business you will inevitably discover many advantages of how landing pages work.

A great software for landing pages and email marketing is GetResponse. They give you many professional templates that can quickly get you up and start reaping the benefits.

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