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4 Benefits of An Aggressive Product Launch Landing Page Campaign

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Benefits of An Aggressive Product Launch Landing Page

Why put up a product launch landing page instead of focusing on building your website?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Pre-launch landing pages go the distance in ensuring a successful launch before a project is formally live.

By being aggressive and using the cost effective marketing options you have, like social media; targeting people who are relevant to your industry or product, share your business page and engage your audience through great content. The result… people know when your new product is coming and they are much more likely to take a look at it when it becomes live.

What is The Difference Between Your Website and a Product Launch Landing Page?

While a website does drive leads to your business, it also serves other purposes like providing detailed information on your product, getting your business online and sharing your work portfolio. A great website considers the actions your visitors take online, which is where they differ from landing pages.

Good product landing pages offer you specific benefits that set them apart from your main business website, making them effective as lead generation and marketing tools.

Your website is an online “business brochure” that touches on all the services/products you have to offer. An aggressive landing page has the goal of getting your visitor to take a more specified action.

This specificity is the defining force behind landing pages. Here are four benefits of having landing pages for launching new services, products, and businesses.

Benefit #1: Support Business Goals

Landing pages directly support your business goals like reaching out to new niche markets, promoting your new products, executing a grand opening or special event and most of all collecting leads.

Product landing pages directly benefit your business since they cater to a specific goal or audience, allowing you to measure success in relation to your goal.

Benefit #2: Increased Conversions

Your website offers information likely to influence a visitor’s buying decision, and a good landing page does the same. Your product’s landing page presents a clear process your users should take, making it easy for them to take a specific action. The action could be submitting their contact information, making a purchase, registering for a webinar, etc.

Product launch landing pages mean more conversions, more customers, and more money into your business account.

Benefit #3: Generate Data and Insights

By linking your landing pages to specific campaigns, pieces of content, and events, you have in full view the channels that bring in the most leads.  User behavior tracking is one of the best ways your landing pages will produce valuable insights. Such insights help you learn more about your target audience, your campaign strategies performance and improve your overall effectiveness.

With pre-launch landing pages, you can use a/b testing to analyze multiple versions of the page. As the different pages rotate, you’ll be able to determine which page elements are most effective in converting sales.

Benefit #4: More Marketing Assets

The more landing pages you put in place, the more offers you have to fuel your marketing efforts. Studies have proven that businesses with the most landing pages experience a higher ROI and increased sales.

Making aggressive offers that are irresistible is the heart of a successful marketing strategy, without offers, you would have nothing to share on your social media network, nothing to email contacts, and nothing to promote calls-to-action on your website. The more landing pages you have, presenting the offers you have, the more effective your marketing will be.

If you are planning on launching new services, products, business or website, it is highly recommended that you invest some time into creating landing pages to stand in there, in the meantime.

You will appreciate what a product launch landing page will do for your grand opening and special event, and it will be a valuable asset in gaining new customers.

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