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Why YOU Should Learn SEO or Digital Marketing?

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Why you should learn SEO or digital marketing

In order to catch up with the galloping pace of technological advancements characterizing the 21st century, you must familiarize yourself with the latest digital trends that are currently basking in the limelight of glory.

Now that you have landed on this page, it wouldn’t be difficult for us to assume that you have come across the term- search engine optimization (SEO) on several instances and now, are willing to explore its scopes and advantages in the realms of digital marketing.

While most people will tell you that learning SEO is incredibly important, very few of them will address the bigger question that is, why YOU should learn SEO?

If you are trying to put up an independent website or, a blog of your own, your primary aim will essentially revolve around its traffic.

For the uninitiated, internet traffic is of two types, paid and organic, and both of them work equally well. As opposed to common belief, paid traffic, if targeted perfectly, can increase the sales of your company within the blink of an eye.

Organic traffic, on the other hand, takes time to grow but, undoubtedly, is more resilient.

To help you understand better, in the following segment, we will be laying down a few reasons that explain why you should learn digital marketing and the applications of search engine optimization.

Why Should I Learn SEO or Digital Marketing Strategies?

  • Increase the visibility and ranking of your website

It is understandable that you have not invested your precious time and resources in creating a blog simply to tuck it away in one corner, and let your competitors steal the piece of cake.

Your sole objective is to bring the website to the forefront and furnish your group of audience with reasons to turn to it even when there is a pool of similar websites operating out there.

This where the role of SEO and strategic digital marketing comes into play. By complying with the models of SEO, the visibility and ranking of your website will surge and as a result, increase the people’s prospects of finding your website whenever they look for something that you have to offer.

The more impactful your SEO efforts are, the higher will be your website’s rank on the search engine which, in turn, will positively influence people’s chances of finding you and your company.

Why you should learn digital marketing

According to statistics, more than 33% of the people who search for something on the internet with target keywords click on the very first result that is produced on the list. Similarly, most users do not even click on the second page of search results and browse only through the options that are made available just on the first page.

Owing to this imperative of SEO, around 57% of B2B marketers stated that effective keyword research generates more leads than any other means of advertisement and, companies are willing to shell out $79 billion on SEO by this year itself.

  • Authority

Although the nuances of authority have recently crept into the domains of SEO but, considering how its significance is only plumping by the day, web users are doing their best to fully capitalize on their potential. Unlike the common usage of the word, authority here translates to the credibility, quality, trustworthiness, reliability, and relevance of everything that the website has to offer.

It means that even if there are five other websites on the search engine result page and, enjoy the same degree of meticulousness, the viewers will click on your website. Naturally, when your site has more authority, you will rank higher on the search engine, more and more people will focus their attention on you and consequently, your traffic and sales will reach sky-high!

  • Web traffic

By now you must be aware of the verity that SEO mainly emphasizes increasing the traffic on your website and consequently, proliferate its rankings and visibility. Digital experts have time and again claim that your probabilities of attracting viewers to your website will expand by a whopping 75% if it comes with the top 5 listings of the web search result page.

Along with this, page load speed also matters. If customers land on your website, courtesy SEO, you wouldn’t want to send them back because of poor loading speed and complicated layout. More than 50% of customers anticipate for a page to load within two seconds. This implies that if your page doesn’t have a viable loading time, the bounce rate will go high and you will experience a drop in your conversions.

  • Creating better visitor experience

The thing with SEO is that the amount of time and hard work you put in curating the content wouldn’t go waste. In fact, every little speck of your endeavor will count and improve the usability of your site to make way for smooth and effective customer experience.

Additionally, SEO is not just limited to blogs and articles; if used mindfully, the techniques can be implemented on a wide range of content including short clips and bytes, long videos, and social media posts as well. The chief objective here is to make your content stand out and SEO does just that.

Why you should learn SEO

As we have already mentioned in the preceding segments, the overpowering competition will always be there; you cannot change or nullify it. As a content creator and someone who is responsible for running a website that is monetized, you should concentrate on drawing your customers towards you by promoting your website and the products/services you sell on it.

By gaining mastery over the different forms of SEO, you will know where exactly to place your bets so that your website crawls up to a winning position. No matter how meaty or, informative your content is, to maximize its impressions, you should place it in a scintillating bowl and present it to your target audience through SEO.

The bottom line

The best part about SEO is that there is no limit to how much you can earn with your website if it is used feasibly. Most people tend to segregate SEO under a strict technical category but, in reality, it is possible for everyone in the digital marketing industry to learn the basics.

Although it is true that only professionals can work with the advanced levels of SEO, you, by learning simple approaches to digital marketing can strengthen and augment your passive income.

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