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Find Keywords And SEO For Guaranteed First Page Ranking On Google

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If you are running a website of your own, your chief priority is to attract as much traffic as possible and increase the conversion rate of the page.

However, the catch is, regardless of how informational, or striking the content on your website is, you will only be able to generate guaranteed organic traffic towards the page only when it ranks higher on the first search results page of Google.

Before we move on to anything else, let us familiarize you with a few facts here. 60% of the internet users click on any one of the top three websites on the search engine results.

Besides, 75% of the users do not click past the first page of the search results. Additionally, SEO leads bring about 14.6% more close rate when compared with the 1.7% outbound leads such as print advertisements and email marketing.

Including a relevant set of keywords and complying with the essentials of search engine optimization are the two strategies that will inexorably land you on the first page of Google. To help you carve your way to this goal, in the following section, we will be jotting down the most effective means to find keywords to rank on Google first page and SEO.

Research the keywords smartly

The first and the most important step of keyword research is picking the ones that will easily fetch you the targeted traffic. Bear in mind that your target is not to settle for the keywords that are incredibly popular and thus, already used by big names in the industry. Try to make a list of 15-20 keywords that you think people might fall back on when searching for the products/services you sell on the internet.

The only thing that you must be careful about here is that the keywords meticulously comprise of both buyer’s intent and product information. Just to be on the safer side of the spectrum and create more impact, make sure that the keywords are at least 3-word long.

The rule of thumb is to find out the search intent of the keywords because only when you know that, you will be able to fabricate content that precisely reverberates with them. Once you narrow down your options of keywords to five or six, search them individually in Google.

Now, try to identify the nature of the results that are most common such as blogs, articles, photos, videos, PDF files, product images, and the like. For the uninitiated, there could be approximately three intent of the user looking for something on a search engine and they are namely, transactional intent, navigational intent, and informational intent.

For transactional intent, landing pages of products and services work the best whereas for navigational intent and informational intent, the entire site of the company and videos and blog posts respectively are the most suitable.

A keyword research tool guaranteed to get first page ranking on Google.

Relying on a professional tool like LongTail Pro would be the easiest and most convenient way of going about things. After you subscribe to LongTail Pro, all you will have to do is enter the seed keywords and wait for hundreds of suggestions to pop up. Next, run the keyword and derive a fair idea about the performance of your competitors with those, based on 13 distinct metrics.

The application will let you determine the keyword profitability depending on the rank value, and to ensure that you are making the most out of keywords and SEO, you will have a rank tracker provided by LongTail Pro at your disposal. if you still have a few doubts lingering in your mind about the proficiency of this tool, let us break its functionality and efficaciousness down for you.

  • When you enter the seed keywords, you’ll be furnished with an opportunity to create filters as per your search volume, rank value, CPC bid, and such other criteria. This infers that you can bid goodbye complicated gamut that renders you with thousand potential keywords that are either useless or, extraneous.
  • To generate target keywords only within a few minutes, LongTail Pro will allow you to switch to the “competitor keyword” mode where you can enter the name of your competitor’s page or domain URL and let the tool decipher its keyword strategy. Compare the keywords that were suggested to you earlier with those that are proven to work. 
  • If you already have a catalog of keywords ready, you can use LongTail Pro to produce the keyword metrics including referring domains, site age, citation flow, and trust flow within a second and analyze whether or, not they will work in the favor of your campaign.

Create SEO content

No matter how many times we mention the term SEO in our article, we will still fall short to thoroughly articulate its depth and significance in pushing your website somewhere on the top of the search results page.

Apart from injecting relevant keywords in your content, there are a few other requisites that must be fulfilled to increase your SEO score. Here’s what you can do:

  • Use the keywords in the title itself.
  • The URL to the blog posts or descriptions of the videos and images should have the main keyword but, it must not be too long.
  • Affix a few modifiers to the title like “best”, “most”, “top” and “cost-effective” to get additional traffic.
  • The images you use in the posts must have an alternative text with the keywords to make them useful in the real sense of the term.
  • If required, link external sources that belong to the same domain as yours to accentuate user experience and keep them coming back for more which will, in turn, improve your Google search rankings.

For those of you who might not know, on a digital platform, external links from high authority sites are treated as the most credible vote banks. This implies that the more number of links you have on your website, the better will be the traffic and obviously, higher will the rank of your page.

Backlinks, till date, are hailed as the most dominant SEO guaranteed first page ranking factor on Google but, you must be extremely vigilant while using them.

Formulate a link building strategy where you can capitalize on the prospects of infographics, guest blogging, promotion, sharing of testimonials, donations, and the like to incorporate resourceful links.

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