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What’s The Best Affiliate Link Tracker Software? Boost Your Sales

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Best Affiliate Link Tracker Software

Unveiling the Best Affiliate Link Tracker Software: Your Guide to Conversion-Optimized Campaigns

In the dynamic landscape of affiliate marketing, the ability to track and analyze your links is a game-changer.

Affiliate link tracker software provides marketers with invaluable insights for optimizing campaigns, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales.

In this guide, we explore the essential features to consider when choosing affiliate link tracker software and introduce two standout options: Voluum and LinkTrackr.

Why You Need Affiliate Link Tracker Software:

  1. Informed Decision-Making:
    • Importance: Real-time data on user interactions empowers marketers to make informed decisions.
    • Benefits: Swift adjustments based on accurate insights can significantly improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.
  2. Optimization Opportunities:
    • Importance: Understanding which links and campaigns perform best is crucial for optimizing your efforts.
    • Benefits: Identifying high-converting elements allows you to focus on strategies that yield the best results.
  3. Performance Measurement:
    • Importance: Tracking software measures the performance of affiliate links across various channels.
    • Benefits: Accurate performance metrics contribute to a comprehensive understanding of user behavior, guiding you to refine your campaigns for maximum impact.

Key Features to Look for in Affiliate Link Tracker Software:

  1. Real-Time Analytics:
    • Importance: Instant insights into link and campaign performance are essential for making timely adjustments.
    • Benefits: Marketers can optimize campaigns on the fly, ensuring they are always fine-tuned for optimal results.
  2. Conversion Tracking:
    • Importance: Accurate conversion tracking is fundamental for evaluating campaign success.
    • Benefits: Understanding which elements contribute to conversions guides future optimizations, leading to increased effectiveness.
  3. A/B Testing Capabilities:
    • Importance: A/B testing allows marketers to experiment with variations and identify the most effective elements.
    • Benefits: By testing different creatives, copies, or landing pages, you can refine your strategy based on data-backed insights.
  4. Link Cloaking and Shortening:
    • Importance: Clean, shortened links enhance user-friendliness and protect affiliate links from manipulation.
    • Benefits: User-friendly links contribute to positive user experiences, while cloaking safeguards against potential misuse.
  5. Customizable Reporting:
    • Importance: Customizable reporting tailors analytics to specific needs.
    • Benefits: Focusing on essential metrics streamlines analysis, providing deeper insights into campaign performance.

How Tracking Affiliate Links Boosts Conversions and Sales:

  1. Optimized Content:
    • Strategy: Analyzing tracked links reveals high-performing content.
    • Benefits: Tailoring content based on successful elements enhances engagement, resulting in increased conversions and sales.
  2. Precision Targeting:
    • Strategy: Analyzing tracked links helps identify effective channels and demographics.
    • Benefits: Targeting specific audiences and channels increases the relevance of promotions, leading to higher conversion rates.
  3. Continuous Optimization:
    • Strategy: A/B testing, coupled with real-time analytics, allows for continuous optimization.
    • Benefits: Iterating on successful strategies ensures campaigns remain dynamic and effective over time.

Top Affiliate Link Tracker Software Choices:

  1. Voluum:

    • Pros: Real-time analytics, A/B testing, dynamic postback URLs.
    • Cons: Potential higher cost for advanced features.
    • Usability Rating: 4.5
    • Effectiveness Rating: 4.5
  2. LinkTrackr:

    • Pros: Advanced features, user-friendly interface.
    • Cons: Limited advanced features compared to some competitors.
    • Usability Rating: 4.5
    • Effectiveness Rating: 4.5

LinkTrackr vs. Voluum: A Comprehensive Comparison

Feature LinkTrackr Voluum
Real-Time Analytics ✓ Provides real-time insights into link performance ✓ Offers instant analytics for timely adjustments
Conversion Tracking ✓ Tracks conversions for evaluating campaign success ✓ Accurate conversion tracking for optimization
A/B Testing Capabilities ✓ Allows A/B testing of different campaign elements ✓ Comprehensive A/B testing for effective optimization
Link Cloaking and Shortening ✓ Supports link cloaking and provides shortened URLs ✓ Offers link cloaking and shortening capabilities
Customizable Reporting ✓ Allows customizable reporting for tailored analytics ✓ Provides customizable reporting for focused insights
Dynamic Postback URLs ✗ Limited support for dynamic postback URLs ✓ Supports dynamic postback URLs for seamless integration
User Interface ✓ User-friendly interface ✓ Intuitive interface for easy navigation
Advanced Features ✗ Limited compared to some competitors ✓ Boasts advanced features for diverse needs
Usability Rating (out of 5) 4.5 4.5
Effectiveness Rating (out of 5) 4.5 4.5

Pros and Cons Summary:


  • Pros: User-friendly interface, supports link cloaking, provides real-time analytics.
  • Cons: Limited advanced features, dynamic postback URL support could be improved.


  • Pros: Advanced features, intuitive interface, supports dynamic postback URLs.
  • Cons: Potential higher cost for advanced features.

Both LinkTrackr and Voluum offer robust features for affiliate link tracking, but the choice depends on your specific needs.

LinkTrackr excels in simplicity and user-friendliness, while Voluum stands out with a more comprehensive set of advanced features. Consider your budget, desired functionalities, and ease of use when making your decision.


Selecting the right affiliate link tracker software is crucial for success in affiliate marketing. Voluum and LinkTrackr emerge as top choices, each offering a unique set of features to meet diverse needs.

By understanding the importance of tracking, focusing on key features, and choosing the right software, marketers can unlock the potential of data-driven optimization, ultimately boosting conversions and sales.

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