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Social Media Contest Platform: Best Facebook Contest App

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Social Media Contest Platform

No matter what kind of business you are running, it is always important to build a brand impression on social media. Stats reveal that most of the people these days prefer to make buying decisions by getting influenced by social media channels. It means if you mark your presence over there, it will be easier to lead more audience towards your website.

There are so many tactics that you can follow to promote your business online. But the marketing campaigns must be designed based on your ultimate goals.

When your main goal is to improve customer engagement, experts advise following contest marketing campaigns. This is the most trusted trick to boost the ROI of your business.


Businesses that keep on running sweepstakes, contests and interactive marketing campaigns on social media are more likely to experience great customer retention. When you offer some valuable prizes to the contest winners, they are more likely to return to your business platforms.

Moreover, participants prefer to tell their loved ones about your brand to get more votes to win. In short, contests can bring more audience to your platform and soon you can convert them into paying customers. Make sure you choose relevant themes for your contests and set up handsome prizes for the customers.


Designing contests for your social media promotions:


There are so many ways to design contests on social media platforms. However, experts recommend using the most trusted contest design app to avail incredible results. Heyo is one of the widely recommended solutions for running social media contest campaigns.

The biggest reason to choose Heyo for contest marketing is its flat design techniques and engaging platform. The contests designed with Heyo look beautiful, and they can capture audience attention with ease. Furthermore, the design is intuitive and simple to use.

As soon as you are ready with your contest theme, you can create all the elements, set up the contest page and publish it instantly. There is no need to fill multiple forms and pages like other contest design apps. Heyo makes the entire process simple for the beginners and ensures an enjoyable experience for both contest creators and participants as well.


You can access this social media contest platform with a simple pricing plan. The beginners can start with a full-featured, 7-day trial, and then you can pay $30 for monthly access and $300 for annual access.

You will be happy to hear that Heyo is basically a full-service solution that can help you run interactive campaigns anywhere including web, mobile and social media as well. Furthermore, it promises easy growth of email marketing list, the ability to acquire new customers and boosting social followers.

The marketing professionals can sign up now on Heyo facebook contest app for free and start exploring its extensive range of features. It can soon help you build a solid impression in the competitive business industry. The clean and interactive design of Heyo further makes it easier to lead brand value with improved customer engagement.

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