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The Best Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Online For Beginners.

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Free Affiliate Marketing Training Course Online For Beginners

Let me start by saying affiliate marketing isn’t easy.

Affiliate Marketing is an online profession that can take months or years of persistent work before you even lay eyes on your first $1000.

I want to be as honest as possible right upfront to avoid unrealistic expectations most have about this industry.

You may have trampled over the many sites that over exaggerate or blatantly lie about how fast a beginner can make money using affiliate marketing.

Making $2000 to $10,000+ per month is possible, but it can’t be accomplished without extraordinary effort.

For me it took 2 months before I was rewarded with my first affiliate sale. Now at the time I wasn’t all that serious and was mostly intrigued by the idea that I could post some type of content on the internet that could actually be converted into income.

After the excitement of receiving my first sale, I got for real about this whole affiliate marketing thing and future sales rolled in on the regular.

I started in affiliate marketing just winging it to see what would work. No training, no courses… Just throwing whatever I could to the wall to see what might stick.

I don’t encourage you to take that route. Which is the reason I’m writing this.

I want you to get the training you need, while at the same time earn the money you want.

One of the best free affiliate marketing training courses that I have found for beginners is a program called My Online Startup.

This program was designed especially for beginners by Chuck Nguyen, an experienced six-figure online marketer.

My Online Startup compiles everything you need to become a successful affiliate all in one simple program.

First, it’s absolutely free to join. And when you do, you instantly qualify to begin earning money within a “done for you” system.

The only job you have to do when you sign up is to promote your unique affiliate link. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Second, as a member, you’ll get access to videos, training, online courses and social communities to fine tune your affiliate marketing skills. Again… It’s All FREE!

Now here’s the best part, as you progress through your training and take the prescribed actions, you will start to earn commissions for each lead / sale you produce.

The better you get, the more money you have the potential of earning.

Chuck had the foresight to implement multiple income levels based on the experience of the affiliate.

Here are the My Online Startup Levels.

Let’s take a look at the benefits:

1) Getting Started Beginners: FREE To Sign Up
  • Earn $2 for any active member who sets up their system.
  • $20 for pro upgrades
  • $10 for pro upgrades produced by members you’ve signed up
2) PRO Member: One Time Payment of $200
  • Earn $5 instead of $2 for Active Members
  • Earn$100 instead of $20 for Pro Member sales you generate
  • Earn $50 instead of $10 for Pro Member sales that your active members generate
  • Earn income on products and other tools offered on the My Online Startup website
3) VIP Partner: One Time Payment of $550 or $2200
  • Earn Get Response & Click Magick income whenever your active members set up their system
  • Affiliate Commissions produced by your Money System
  • Earn $100 for Pro Member sales
  • Earn $50 for Pro Member sales by members you’ve signed up
  • Earn commissions from products and other tools throughout the website
  • Earn $500 or $2000 per VIP Partner sales

As you can see, the My Online Startup affiliate marketing training course pays generous profits as you ascend to higher levels of the program.

Not only will you learn the best strategies of affiliate marketing, you can earn lucrative income as you build your business.

After you’ve gained the knowledge and experience with Earn Easy Commissions, you can then expand your affiliate enterprise by promoting other programs.

Don’t wander aimlessly like I did when first starting, sign up for My Online Startup and get on the fast track to affiliate marketing success!

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