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Event Planning Blog Topics & Ideas – Creating Sponsored Events

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Event Planning Blog Topics and Ideas

Rarely you will find event planning blog topics that discuss ideas to get new clients and generate additional income by creating sponsored events.

Generally, when we think of an event planner, we envision a person who has been hired by a client to organize special corporate events, weddings, parties, or some other occasion where they will be paid as a part of the client’s overall budget.

For established event planners who have built a solid portfolio and reputation from past projects, getting new clients referrals makes landing that next job much easier.

But for novice event planner, there may be a few gaps in between jobs. Gaps that could be filled by creating sponsored events.

What Are Sponsored Events?

A sponsored event is a creation inspired by your own ideas, interests, or talents, in which you ask others to donate funds for the success of your event.

Sponsored events are most effective when its objective is to raise awareness for a local charity or increase sales for local small businesses.

This is an important factor to consider when planning your event. Particularly with small businesses, if your event nails their target demographics directly, you’ll have no problem getting them to come on board as a sponsor.

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Sponsored Events To Your Event Planning Portfolio.

1) You Can Earn While Promoting Your Services

The #1 reason to run sponsored events in between clients is that it’s a fabulous way to make money while you’re actively promoting your core event planning services.

Even if your event just “breaks-even” you’ll still come out ahead, by broadening your portfolio with an event that allowed you to work with multiple small business owners who may approve of you adding them as references.

Sponsored events, planned correctly, make excellent stories for local media as well. Don’t be surprised if your event gets a write in the local paper or a mention on the radio. They love sharing great events with the community!

Have your own blog or social media following? Use your event to keep your fans engaged. Ask them for their input on topics, activities, vendors, etc. that you could include as a part of your event.

Sell your services throughout the event. Everyone should know what it is you do hosting a sponsored event will give you the opportunity to not only tell them but show them how well you do it.

2) Build Your Confidence

The ability to create something from nothing and turn it into a successful experience for many is empowering.

No longer will you be at the mercy of waiting for the next client to call, you’ll have the boldness to construct an idea from scratch and gather others around it.

Just like an artist or musician, you’ll have the freedom to perform your art at any time and in any place. Just as Zig Ziglar stated, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

This statement applies to sponsored events as it does with anything. If you can create event topics and ideas that help others reach their goals, you will inevitably tackle yours as well.

3) Digital Makes Event Planning Easier

The internet is swamped with easy to use tools that can make launching sponsored events immensely simple. You don’t have to guess whether people will like your event, you can test it well before you launch.

Use social media to collect ideas and topics for your event. Getting others involved early helps to increase participation and event attendance.

With technology, you can actually run the entire event online first to build a huge following, and then use that following to host a LIVE event in your community.

If you’re not that savvy with technology, hire someone who is. But don’t use your technical ignorance as a crutch. Software today is very “user-friendly”, with a little discipline, you can learn to incorporate it into your events quite easily.

Start with a simple event promotion page and watch as interested residents sign up to participate in your festivities. Build up a list of emails or phone numbers (text) so you can have direct communication, updating your subscribers on the development of the event.

Creating sponsored events can grow your core business and generate additional revenue during slow times. With a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to drum up work at the drop of a hat.

If you’d like a few ideas to get you started, take a look at our awesome event projects to spark up some concepts.

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