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One Easy Way To Boost Awareness For Your Eastern Panhandle Business.

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Boost Awareness Eastern Panhandle Business

If there were just one thing a small business in the Eastern Panhandle could do to boost local awareness what would it be?

As a business owner, you have an extremely long list of advertising options available. It could be a bit overwhelming deciding where to start.

In this post, I’d like to highlight 4 powerful advertising strategies. Afterwards I’m going to show you ONE easy way to jump-start all four.

I chose these four methods from years of analyzing what successful small businesses are doing to increase customer leads.


My 4 Top Advertising Strategies To Boost Small Business Awareness:


1) Online Search (Google, Bing & Yahoo) –

According to an article revealing the habits of local consumers seven out of ten customers visit a business or make a purchase based on information they found online.

For this reason, you NEED to establish a strong online search presence. The quickest way to get your business listed online is to register with Google Places  and Yahoo! Local.

Both services are free and are well worth the time it takes to get set up.

However if you want your business to dominate the competition you’ll have to do what 90% of other local businesses don’t… Get Ranking JUICE!

Did you know that one of the criteria search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo use to rank your website higher is the amount of external links your website has?

What is an external link? To put it simply, an external link is when a third party website links to your website giving you a “vote” to increase your ranking in the search engines.

The more of these “votes” you can acquire, the more RANKING JUICE your website will have, thus helping you to reach top listings.

Most small businesses in the Eastern Panhandle aren’t aware of getting link juice, making this strategy a super easy way for your business to blow past competitors.


2) Local Radio Broadcast-

With so much technology you may have thought advertising on local radio was a thing of the past. Not true!

Eastern Panhandle residents still tune into local radio to hear community news, events and announcements. It’s an excellent platform to showcase your business and get the message out.

In fact, radio advertising revenue is expected to hit $14.9 billion this year, and by 2021, it will top $16 billion. Seems many businesses still believe radio can impact sales!

Even if you don’t get a direct sale from your radio advertising, you’ll position your business as an authority in the community. People who hear advertisements on the radio perceive those businesses as more established and credible.


3) Social Media Marketing –

I know… you’re already on Facebook, so you’ve got this one covered. But are you fully utilizing the true power of social media? Are you on the best platforms for your business? Do you have a steady stream of content to post?

Social media marketing is all about being consistant on platforms best suited for your business. It’s also imperative that you form strategic alliances with other social businesses that can share your posts/announcements.


4) Email Marketing –

Email marketing has been another method that’s been put on the back-burner, but is oh so powerful. Building an email list of customers interested in your service/product should be a primary task for any small business.

There’s nothing better than being able to reach all your top customers at a moments notice for little to no investment. However if you don’t have your own email subscriber list, the next best thing is to access a general list of local consumers.

Not only could you use a third-party email list to build your own, you can instantly promote your updates and drive visitors to your website.


The ONE Way To Use ALL FOUR Advertising Strategies NOW!


Each of the four advertising methods mentioned above can be complicated to implement for small business owners. I get it, you have a business to run and although promotion is important it can take a lot time that you may not have.

That’s why I made it super easy for you!

Right now you can get it all with low-budget digital & radio advertising for less than $100. As a matter of fact, if you move fast you can get a complete done-for-you shout out for just $59!

All you have to do is grab Shout It Local’s community shout out advertising.

ShoutItLocal.com is a complete all-in-one community advertising broadcast specifically designed to boost awareness (both online & offline) for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We’ll broadcast your special shout out via local radio, social media, online search (Google, Bing & Yahoo) and to our growing list of email subscribers.

When you submit your ShoutItLocal.com shout out we’ll strategically distribute it to give you the ultimate bang for your bucks.

Position your business for success by broadcasting to thousands of local radio listeners, juicing up your online search ranking, and connecting with followers who are eager to hear your message.

Let us shout out your business today! Go to: ShoutItLocal.com

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