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Social Entrepreneurship Ideas – Create Innovative Local Community Events

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We don’t have to travel the world to find ideas for social entrepreneurship when there are plenty of problematic issues we can help to solve right within our own local communities.

Many people who are searching for social entrepreneurship ideas tend to focus their energy on the needs and problems of the world.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this viewpoint, but if we decided to turn our attention towards solving the overlooked problems within our own communities, maybe the solutions we develop might be able to be applied to communities everywhere.

There are a plethora of local community problems that a social enterprise could make a mission to help resolve. For example:

Youth pregnancy, accessing drinkable water, child abuse, and negligence, crime, domestic violence, drug use, environmental contaminants, ethnic conflicts, health deterioration, HIV/ AIDS, hunger and homelessness, insufficient emergency services, inequality, jobs, depletion of affordable housing, poverty, racism, transportation, violence.

The above are just a handful of surface problems that plague local communities. If you were to dig a little deeper into your own community, you would most assuredly discover more.

So what steps could you take to help the needs of your community that will also spark the growth of a successful social enterprise?


Social Entrepreneurship Ideas To Create Socially Innovative Local Community Events!


Events are the lifeblood that connects the people of local communities. They are also a perfect starting point for attracting a flood of like-minded supporters to your cause.

And when you incorporate the internet and digital technology into your innovative event plans you can easily increase revenue, boost attendance and establish a profitable social enterprise.

Your business could host local digital online events that deliver valuable information and services via webinars, online courses, podcasts, email, social media, videos, etc…

Imagine coordinating an online video series where local political figures, community activists, and residents discuss a major issue that the area faces. Then distributing this value-packed content to the general public of the community.

Or maybe you can develop a local podcast (online radio show) that targets drug addiction. It could share the stories of individuals who have overcome their addiction and how they did it.


How To Convert Your Social Entrepreneurship Ideas & Digital Events Into Profits.


After you’ve “sampled the waters” with your innovative digital event you’re going to use the feedback you get to create even more events for the cause.

Maybe your “Drug Addiction” podcast really connected with the community and now you have people interested in taking the next step.

This next step might be a “Drug Addiction Bootcamp” event. You can partner with professional drug consultants and hold a 2 to 4-week camp. In addition, to live meetings, you can setup webinars, email support and ongoing coaching programs to help addicts kick the habit.

For those who successfully get clean, you can hold events that encourage and reward them for their efforts. Money can be earned through local sponsorships, vendors, and donations to the cause. You could also earn by offering exclusive, high-dollar “Power Meetings” that show previous addicts how to reorganize their lives for permanent success.

This is just one idea of how local events both live & digital can be used to create a social enterprise.

There are many, many ways that you can strategize events to help solve problems and gain profits along the way.

And when you find an innovative event that strikes a chord with local residents you can quickly transform it into a rock-solid, long-term business.


Events are a great way to sample an idea without taking huge risks! Before investing large sums of money, you can see how receptive the community will be a simple event.


This event strategy is a no-brainer for churches, businesses, students, schools, charities and non-profit organizations to positively impact local communities while raising much-needed funds.

Look local when searching for social entrepreneurship ideas and you can’t go wrong.

Just pick one of the many issues within your local community and begin creating digital & live events around it. Soon enough, you’ll hit a niche problem your business can help solve and profit from.

If you like this local community event model and want more social entrepreneurship ideas, then you can get more details by downloading our informative eBook The Event Entrepreneur here.

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