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How to Make Trackable Links and Increase Affiliate Conversions

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How To Make Trackable Links

Are you running an affiliate marketing business? Probably you are making great efforts to boost conversions online. But if you don’t know how to make trackable links, increasing your sales can be tough scale.

As a profit driven marketer you should start tracking all your affiliate links to measure the performance. And to increase affiliate conversions you’ll need to know how to make trackable links.

There are plenty of software tools and specially designed plugins in the market that can be installed to the affiliate websites. With these tools, you can stay up to date about how well your affiliate links are driving traffic to the target page.

Make Trackable Links

How To Make Trackable Links:

However, the biggest challenge for beginners is to create trackable links for their affiliate marketing business. Experts advise using the ClickMagick platform for this purpose, which promises all-in-one marketing solution at once place.

Gone are the days when you have to make payments for the worthless links. Earlier sales cannot be tracked, and marketing was all about guesswork. Business owners used to invest lots of time and money on poor stuff, and the process appeared quite messy.

But with the ClickMagick tool, it is possible to get true ROI of every link and ad online. You can be aware of every metric, and the performance of the links can be optimized to achieve greater returns.

With this advanced tool, it becomes easier and cheaper to acquire new customers while building a brand impression online.

Increase Affiliate Commissions

Importance of tracking and managing affiliate links:

Some of you might be interested to know the benefits of tracking and managing affiliate links.

Well, they are many in numbers and work as important performance indicators for your brand. Below we have listed a few reasons to track your affiliate links using advanced tools:

Optimize sales funnels:

One of the biggest benefits of using trackable links for your affiliate marketing business is that they assist in the easy optimization of sales funnels.

Tracking links make it easier to understand which ones are most effective and which ones need improvement. With regular insights about the performance of your links, you can easily optimize your sales strategy.

Know true activity:

Stats reveal that most of the internet users around the world own multiple gadgets, and they keep on switching between them. The traditional tools make it difficult to get insights about the performance of links over different devices.

But the advanced tracking tools such as ClickMagick make it easier to enjoy cross-device tracking. With the rising numbers of smartphone users, continuous tracking may allow you to estimate revenue with ease.

Find great customers:

You will be happy to hear that social media platforms these days are equipped with artificial intelligence algorithms. But in order to achieve the best outcome, you should have a huge amount of data.

Once you start tracking your affiliate links on a real-time basis, it becomes easier to capture audience attention on social media channels. With time, you will be able to acquire more leads for your business.

Ultimately, trackable affiliate links can help you to reduce wastage of time and money on advertising. You will be able to run more intelligent campaigns that could provide long term affiliate returns.

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