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Free Business Promotion Using Other People’s Money

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Have you seen the ideas on free business promotion online? They SUCK… with emphasis on UCK…

Before I explain how to get free business promotion using other people’s money, let’s quickly review & weigh in on some of the common ideas suggested by other sites:

* Create a blog and make frequent posts –

This is a great way to pass the time as you slowly age to death waiting for someone to read what you’ve written.

Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy that does eventually attract new customers.

And when those customers begin clicking in, you’ll find that the time invested was well spent, as leads generated from blogs have been proven to bring the greatest return on your investment.

Starting a blog for your business isn’t really a suggestion, it’s a must if you want to be competitive online and build your reputation.

Problem is… It could take 6 months to a year before you see any substantial results from your blog. You could type your fingers to the bone waiting for a customer to show up.

YES, start a blog, but don’t expect immediate results. It WILL pay off in future leads and sales, but if you need business NOW let’s keep movin…


* Social Media Marketing –

Chances are you’ve already been using Facebook, maybe twitter or even a bit of Pinterest. (If not, you’ve REALLY got some catching up to do.)

This free business promotion idea seems like it could be an effective one until you take into account that the people on social media mainly just want to be… well… SOCIAL.

If we’re talking Facebook, then I’m going to assume you have or have had a personal Facebook account of your own.

Being 100% honest, how many times HAVE YOU PURCHASED from a business that you saw as a result of Facebook?

I asked this very question to 10 of my family and friends and received a solid 0. To be fair though, a couple of people did mention that they considered visiting a restaurant after seeing an offer on Facebook.

Not that Facebook marketing doesn’t work, because I’ve seen many social media strategist report WILDLY AWESOME results. But they’ve lost thousands of dollars on the path towards building enough experience and learning how to convert ‘likes’ to sales.

Take a moment to actually look at “business” facebook pages? You know, the ones with just 50, 100 or 200 ‘likes. Doesn’t that tell you something?

Now it could be that those businesses aren’t using it effectively. They may have just set up their pages and got their buddies to ‘like’ it, then abandoned it.

Even so, if you don’t have the money to engage in ongoing promotion, social media promotion may not be the place to find your customer gold rush.

Use it to stay in touch with your followers, build relationships, and socialize, but if you don’t have the funds to set up a proper funneling system for creating leads and converting those leads into paying customers… NEXT!


* Hit The Phone, Beat The Streets –

OK, this one works. Nothing can beat just going out and getting dirty.

It costs nothing but gas and time to get on the grind. If you have something of value to offer, networking, making calls and visiting your customers is the way to go.

You can even use the various social media platforms to make initial contact with potential prospects and set up appointments to call or meet with them.

Recently, I tripped over a site called Alignable and it’s now my favorite promotion source for establishing relationships with local businesses.

If you have a business to business product, then having an Alignable account is a necessity. If you service consumers, you’ll still want to grab an account to form relationships with other business owners catering to similar customers as you.

Back to beating the streets… It works. Do it!


* Following Up With Past Customers

Yes, Yes & YES! If you’ve been in business for a while, you most likely have a list of past customers. Asking them to buy again or to refer new customers is an excellent free business promotion strategy.

It’s surprising how many businesses fail to reconnect with past customers. They are the MOST VALUABLE assets of any business.

Of the 4 sources to increase the profits of a business, past customers can directly affect 2 of them. The sources of profits that they can help you with are 1. increasing the sales frequency of customers (get them to buy more often) and 2. increasing the number of customers (by giving referrals).

The other two, by the way, are 3. increasing the average size of a transaction (get customers to buy more per visit) and 4. raise your prices.

A lot can be gained by delivering remarkable service to your customers and having a follow-up marketing plan that asks directly for referrals.

Your customers know and are comfortable with your business if you ask they would probably have no problem sharing your services with their friends, families, and followers. (Because EVERYBODY has followers these days.)

We’ve now covered 2 free business promotion ideas that you should, but not expect immediate results and 2 free business promotion ideas that you should get to work on YESTERDAY.


Let’s go ahead and get to steppin on what you came here for… A Free Business Promotion Idea Using Other People’s Money!


I’ll bet your business isn’t the only one that can serve your target customers.

I’m sure that you could find a few other business owners, not your competitors, who would have tremendous interest in getting their brands directly in front of potential customers that might frequent both yours and their business.

So here’s the deal… To get free business promotion with other people’s money, you need to create a digital event!

Creating a digital event is similar to hosting an offline event. But instead of hosting your event at a local venue, you’re going to run your event completely online using the internet and digital tools.

Just like any event, you’ll create a central topic/theme that will attract your ideal customers and then deliver the content, special offer, information or entertainment with easy to use online software.

As an example, we’ll say you’re the proud owner of a fitness facility. To get more members, you’re going to host a free one-month online course that will instruct participants on exercises they can use to lose 20lbs from home.

You decide to create 4 training videos that will be delivered once a week. In between the videos, you’ll keep the participants motivated by using prewritten emails that are delivered daily.

You may even set up a group on Facebook where participants can ask questions, report successes and socialize with other members.

To get funding for your digital event (using other people’s money) you could get sponsorship from nutritional suppliers, workout clothing stores, health food stores/restaurants, yoga studios, juice bars, massage therapists, beauty product distributors, health retreat centers and health bloggers/websites.

Other businesses that you could offer sponsorship to are insurance companies, banks, automotive dealers and other businesses that serve the general public.

You’ll want to design an appealing sponsorship package that outlines all the benefits of partnering in your digital event promotion.

Give them exclusive placement on your event’s promotional landing page, insert a few shout-outs in your daily emails, create a video for your landing page that showcases a couple of your sponsors, design a post-promotion email newsletter and post their ads/links in it, etc.

Creating digital events are inexpensive to set up and can be profitable with enough sponsorship support.

Could you imagine? Not only will you be able to promote your business using other people’s money with digital events, you could actually make money too!

Interested in digital event marketing?

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