Eastern Panhandle of WV

Martinsburg WV Digital Event & Entertainment Business For Sale

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Would you like to own your own Martinsburg WV digital business and leverage the powerful growth & scalability of the internet?

ULiveWV of Martinsburg WV is accepting new business partnerships for the development of community entertainment & digital media in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.

Our team of digital specialists will assist you in the planning, development, and management of your very own niche website or blog.

Your website will be responsible for the delivery of community news, information and entertainment for the industry of your choice. Together we will work to make your digital property the local authority in its field of expertise.

The demand for hyperlocal community-based websites is steadily increasing, as the internet users crave more localized entertainment & media.

Today, people are becoming more and more dissatisfied with “Global Media” and are looking for trustworthy alternatives that represent the lives and stories of those around them.

Investors who establish community online digital event & entertainment properties now could be in position for great returns down the road.


What you can expect with your Martinsburg WV Digital Event & Entertainment Property Business For Sale:


Complete Business Plan

We’ll assemble a detailed plan that will identify the best industry and content marketing approach for your property.

Setup & Design

We’ll make your “digital real estate” attractive and mobile-ready.

Promotion & Marketing

Your website will get exposure through its partnership with our site, social media, and other networked properties.

Creative Content

Our team of resident freelancers will provide a steady flow of entertaining articles, videos, images, etc. to keep your visitors coming back for more.

Income Generation Strategy

Most importantly, we’ll create multiple sources for your digital property to make money. We’ll even acquire local advertisers for your site.


By partnering with ULiveWV, you will have a unique opportunity to own a digital property without any knowledge of the internet.

Your property will be managed and promoted cooperatively through our network of services, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of being an owner, without the hassles of ownership.

Even though your Digital Property Business will be in partnership with ULiveWV, it will be established independently in case you’d like to resell it in the future.


This Martinsburg WV business for sale by ULiveWV is a magnificent investment that has little overhead and can offer a very profitable return.


This is especially significant for candidates who already own a business in Martinsburg WV. Such individuals could fit the property to their industry and advertise their current business.

If you’re an entrepreneur who would like to have your own hyper-local digital property that will deliver media & entertainment to the residents of Martinsburg WV and the other cities of the Eastern Panhandle, please contact us for more information: support@ulivewv.com

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