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Alignable Reviews – What Is It… Legit or Not?

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I had been introduced to Alignable about 2 months ago.

At first, I wasn’t all that enthused about joining yet another social media platform, but after taking a closer look I found that it could be wildly beneficial for my business.

What Is Alignable? Is Alignable Legit?

Alignable is a networking platform that enables you to connect with small businesses in your local city/town. A digital “Chamber of Commerce”, if you will.

Although you can reach outside of your area, Alignable centralizes on drawing businesses of local communities together to network, build relationships, share referrals, recommend one another, spur word of mouth, and pick each other’s minds by giving/getting advice.

It’s kinda like a trimmed down LinkedIn with an interface that directs more attention to a business’s actual products/services rather than social irrelevancies.

While browsing the site I had the feeling that I was at a small business mixer as the profiles of local business owners seemed to give a small pitch describing clearly what is they do and how it could benefit my business. (A great experience!)

Alignable’s messaging and communication templates strongly encourage getting out and meeting new contacts face-to-face. It offers much more than just liking and clicking links.

Another great feature on Alignable is their question and answer application where you or other’s in your community can engage real issues in regards to running a small business.

Alignable is definitely a legit local business community online.

What I found most appealing was the ability to post individual products/services.

Using 1024 characters you have the privilege of defining a specific product offering to your business network.

Singling out your products makes it extremely easier for potential prospects to consume. Giving you a better chance at earning their business.

I’ve also noticed that these product posts get high favor in popular search engines.

Most of the product posts that I’ve made are currently indexed on the first page of Google, even beating out my own website!

Alignable reviews that I’ve read from other users have all been very positive. Many stating how they’ve closed more business as a direct result of joining.

So my review on Alignable is that it is worth joining to meet local business owners, for local networking, to rank higher in local searches, and to get more sales locally.

If you don’t need any of those benefits for your business then I guess you should probably pass on Alignable.

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