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How To Sell Other People’s Products On Your Companies Website

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Many people are becoming aware of the lucrative opportunities that internet presents. Billions of dollars are made daily through online sales of products and services. It only makes sense that you or I would want learn how to sell products on the internet.

Whether for extra revenue or to ultimately make selling other people’s products a primary source of income; this article will explain how you can sell other’s products for profit.

Sell other people's products

Firstly, all you need is an internet connection to advertise products online, and you can connect with anyone with access to the internet. That clearly implies a wider market scope, which in turn can convert to larger profits.

Besides that, in contrast to the actual company establishment, an online business requires only a fraction of the cost, which reflects lesser expenses for the business owner. The key aspect that has caught the eye of several people towards online marketing is that you do not need to have your own product to begin.

In the domain of online marketing, anyone can begin to spawn profits online by promoting only, or by selling other people’s or companies’ products. Familiarizing with this business model is actually relatively easy. All that you require is to establish a compliance agreement with an online vendor, and once it is done, you can begin to promote other people’s or companies’ products to generate profits.


The most established and fastest method of selling other people’s or companies’ products or services on the WWW is affiliate marketing. As per its basic definition, affiliate marketing is defined as an agreement between an internet store, and its affiliates, where the former has the items and services to sell and the former are who are willing to sell the vendor’s product on their website.


But the question is how to sell other people’s products on your website? Before understanding the answers to these questions, we need to learn about affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is referred to as a sales tactic over the WWW that allows a product owner or a service provider to boost sales by authorizing others (affiliates) targeting the same audience to gain a commission by proposing the product or services to others. Simultaneously, it creates opportunities for affiliates to generate revenue on product or services sales without having the need to create products or services of their own.

Sell other companies products

To simply put, it deals with suggesting/proposing products or services by sharing it on social media, blogs, or even websites.  And, each time a buyer makes a purchase using the link associated with an affiliate’s recommendation, he or she (affiliates) earns a commission. If done well, affiliate marketing, a performance-based opportunity can serve as an important aspect of your business by earning you a decent income.


The core elements of affiliate marketing are

  • Merchant
  • Affiliates
  • A product or service to be promoted
  • Targeted Audience



The working principle of affiliate marketing is simple, enterprises pay their affiliates a commission in return for referrals on their website. Each time an affiliate brings the merchant a customer, they get a reward in exchange. Currently, there are different models that are employed by merchants to reward their affiliates, paid per sale, cost per action, cost per clock, and cost per 1000 views. These days, the most commonly used model is paid per sale.

Modern-day affiliate marketing is greatly empowered by the internet and digital technology. And, it won’t be wrong to state it is one of the most lucrative and budget-conscious consumer acquisition methods. It encourages businesses in promoting their brands and builds market presence in a cost-effective manner.


Let us discover the answer to how to sell other people’s products on your website.


How does it work?

Precisely, it involves5 basic steps:

  1. Search and join an affiliate program
  2. Decide the offers you are willing to promote
  3. Obtain a unique affiliate link for each service or product you want to promote.
  4. Share those affiliate links on your blog or website. (answers how to sell other companies products on your website)
  5. Collect a reward in terms of commission each time a consumer buys a product or service using your affiliate link.


The rates of commission vary depending on the company and the offer. You can earn around 5 percent at the minimum, whereas with some arrangements, you can earn as much as 50 percent. However, there are affiliate marketing programs that offer a flat rate per sale rather than commissions based on percentage.


Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing Model

Affiliate marketing proposes numerous benefits to affiliates.


Ease of use

Affiliates only to handle the marketing side of building and selling a product. There is no need to worry about creating, supporting, shipping, or fulfilling the order.


Low Risk

This marketing methodology involves no cost, affiliates can start making money with an authorized product or service without any upfront investment. Not to forget the ideal money-making scenario, earning passive income through commission. However initially, affiliates have to invest time establishing web traffic sources, affiliate web links can continue to deliver a steady paycheck. Affiliates can learn better ways to learn the basics of building an online affiliate business at My Online Startup.


A potential way to scale-up earnings

A growing affiliate marketing delivers a prospect to scale earnings without hiring added help. An affiliate can introduce new products to their existing audience base for additional products while your existing products and services continue to create revenue in the backdrop.


How to find affiliate programs

If you’re thinking about how to establish yourself in affiliate marketing, well you have a few options. A few businesses manage their own programs, whereas others engage an affiliate network. It needs proper brainstorming, the products and services must align in accordance with the targeted audience. For example, it won’t fit a food blogger promoting beauty products.


From where to start

While affiliate marketing may sound an exciting way to earn money, it sure does need a basic understanding and learning. Beginners can check-out My Online Startup features 47 step training featuring

  • The Game Plan
  • Success Mindset
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Authority Platform
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Targeted Ads


My Online Startup can certainly help affiliates to earn money without taking on too much of a risk. You may need to invest your time to reap the rewards.

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