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Are Medium Links Dofollow and Good for SEO?

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As a blogger or webmaster, you might be always interested to find some trustworthy ways to achieve higher SEO ranking for your web pages.

Some of you might be working hard to put high-quality content on the blog and others might be making efforts for running engaging social media campaigns.

Unfortunately, very few of you might be aware of the fact that it is not just about putting good content on your website; rather, at the same time, you need to get links from other sites to your content. 

Storytelling has huge value in the business world and for this, you need to talk about your business on multiple platforms.

One of the most interesting solutions for publishing online is Medium; that can help you achieve more traffic for your SEO efforts

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There are generally two types of links that you can create on external websites. It can be a do-follow link and a no-follow link. Generally, businesses and marketing experts are advised to give more focus to the do-follow links as they allow people to follow the link freely so that they can land on the specific website.

While writing content on high domain authority websites, you can create a do-follow link so that more audiences can be diverted towards your landing page. 

Now, the biggest question in every mind must be are medium links dofollow or no-follow type.

Well, they are no-follow links. But it doesn’t mean that they are not worth for your business and branding goals. Stats reveal that no-follow links also have SEO value, especially when they are used more creatively. 

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There are generally two types of backlinks that can appear on the Medium platform.

The first category is the in-text hyperlink whereas the second one is the block hyperlink. The advantage of these links is that they break up the text on the Medium story more effectively.

When they are used strategically, the eye-catching block type hyperlinks can divert more traffic towards your blog from the Medium content. 

So, is Medium good for SEO? 

Medium links are definitely good for your business and they can help you achieve your specific goals. Below we have listed a few advantages of medium links for your business:

  • Access the built-in audience and native search capabilities of the Medium platform. It may help you to get more followers, tags, and engage with a wide range of authors associated with the Medium platform. 
  • Medium is ranked high in terms of its content quality and audience base. When you start writing for this platform, you can enjoy great networking potential with meaningful conversations. 
  • The Medium can help you to re-purpose your best work and ensure consistent activity on your business platform. 
  • Grab the best back-linking opportunities while growing your audience base in the competitive market. 

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Now that you’ve gone through the amazing benefits of using Medium for creating backlinks, we highly suggest tracking and building your backlink strategy with the help of SEMRush.

You can start using SEMRush to research keywords and accumulate high quality dofollow backlinks. With the extensive tools and resources offered by SEMRush you’ll soon be able to achieve higher conversion rates online.

SEMRush’s powerful backlink suite, will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your websites backlinks. You’ll spot more high ranking linking opportunities that will drive loads of organic traffic to your site.

Visit SEMRush for a free 7 day trial and reach the top with quality dofollow backlinks.

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