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6 Short Story Topic Ideas To Submit For ULiveUSA’s Creativity Challenge.

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Everyone has a story to share… Even You!

ULiveUSA is excited to introduce its 30-Day Creativity Challenge! It’s a challenge that can be completed individually or as a group to document something important about you, your family, community, group or organization within 30 days.

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You’ll use our, easy to follow, Writing, Illustration & Narration (W.I.N.) Creator’s Checklist to create a unique short story and to keep track of your progress over the next 4 weeks.

After completing your short story, we’ll publish it on our site and share it on social media. Additionally, you and/or your team will be rewarded for completing the project.

Get your creative juices flowing with these 6 short story topic ideas. Use creative writing, art, video, narration and performance to entertain our community. Submit your story to ULiveUSA’s 30-Day Creative Challenge for your work to be featured on our website and distributed through social media.

6 Short Story Ideas To Submit For ULiveUSA’s Challenge:

1. Write An Original Short Story or Poem

It can be tough to come up with fresh ideas for writing short stories or poems. If you’re feeling stuck, try one of these prompts:

  • Write a story or poem about a character who is facing a difficult decision.
  • Write a story or poem set in a place you’ve never been.
  • Write a story or poem that starts and ends with the same sentence.
  • Write a story or poem told from the perspective of an inanimate object.
  • Write a story or poem in which all the characters are animals.

2. Document Local Community Events & Happenings

The challenge is to document local community events and happenings in order to get published on ULiveUSA.

This can be anything from a festival or parade you attended, to a new restaurant in town, to a community clean-up day. Whatever you choose, make sure to include plenty of details so readers can experience the event along with you!

3. Record Life Events, Testimonies, Celebrations & Acknowledgements

If you’re feeling stuck for ideas on what to write about for ULiveUSA’s -Day Creative Challenge, why not try recording some life events, testimonies, celebrations or acknowledgements?

It can be anything from a big life event like a graduation or wedding, to something more personal like a special achievement at work or reaching a fitness goal. You can even share an inspiring life testimony!

Whatever you choose to write about, make sure it’s something that really matters to you and that you’re passionate about sharing. And don’t forget to add plenty of detail to really bring your story to life!

4. Create A “How To” Educational Lesson

Below are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to be creative and come up with your own story topics:

1.Create a “How To” Educational Lesson
-How to make a perfect scrambled egg
-How to pick the right house plant
-How to paint rock art
-How Best to tour your local city

5. Document Your Family Legacy, History, Memorials

If you’re looking for a short story topic that will really resonate with your readers, consider writing about your family legacy, history, or memorials. This is a great way to share your personal story while also providing some valuable context and background for your readers.

When writing about your family legacy, consider what aspects of your family history you want to highlight. Are there any particular stories or traditions that have been passed down through the generations? What do these stories mean to you and why are they important to preserve?

If you’re writing about family memorials, think about what type of memorial you want to create. What kind of tribute do you want to pay to your loved ones? What stories do you want to share about them? How will this memorial help keep their memory alive?

6. Create A Fundraising Project For Groups, Clubs & Nonprofit Organizaions

If you’re looking for a way to give back to your community and help out a good cause, why not create a creative short story fundraising project for a local group or nonprofit organization? You can use your creativity to come up with all sorts of fun and unique fundraiser ideas, from funny videos, mini shows, entertaining games and more. No matter what you do, you’ll be sure to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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