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10 Event Ideas to Make Money: Easy Ways to Fundraise in Your Local Community

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Are you looking for creative event ideas to raise money for a worthy cause in your local community?

Look no further! In this article, we present ten exciting event ideas that are not only easy to plan and execute but also perfect for capturing memorable moments in event recap videos.

By leveraging the power of video with participant interviews, reactions, and comments, these events can attract online donations from those who couldn’t attend, boosting your fundraising efforts through platforms like ULiveUSA and social media.

1. Fun Run for a Cause

Host a charity fun run or walk event and encourage participants to gather sponsorships from friends and family. Document the excitement and enthusiasm of the participants in the event recap video, inspiring online donations from those who want to support the cause but couldn’t participate in person.

2. Community Yard Sale Extravaganza

Organize a community yard sale where individuals and businesses can sell their items. Charge a small fee for participating vendors and promote the event to attract shoppers. The event recap video can showcase the diverse array of items available, encouraging online donations from those who missed the sale.

3. Charity Concert in the Park

Host a charity concert featuring local bands or musicians and charge an admission fee. The event recap video can capture the lively performances and enthusiastic audience, motivating online donations from music lovers who couldn’t attend.

4. Bake Sale for a Sweet Cause

Organize a bake sale and invite local bakers to contribute their delicious creations. Promote the event to attract sweet-toothed customers. The event recap video will showcase the mouthwatering treats and happy customers, encouraging online contributions.

5. Pet Adoption Fair with a Purpose

Host a pet adoption fair in collaboration with local animal shelters and charge a small entrance fee. Capture heartwarming moments of adoptions in the event recap video, inspiring online donations to support the cause.

6. Creative Workshop for a Charitable Cause

Organize a creative workshop, such as painting, pottery, or crafting, and charge a participation fee. The event recap video can display the artistic masterpieces and satisfied participants, motivating online giving.

7. Gaming Tournament Fundraiser for the Tech-Savvy

Arrange a gaming tournament for popular video games and charge an entry fee for participants. Stream the tournament live to involve an online audience in the excitement. The event recap video will feature skilled gamers and cheering spectators, boosting online donations.

8. Outdoor Movie Night with a Purpose

Host an outdoor movie night and charge admission for attendees. Create a cozy atmosphere with blankets and snacks. The event recap video will capture the enchanting movie night experience, encouraging online fundraising.

9. Fitness Challenge for a Healthy Cause

Organize a fitness challenge, such as a dance-off, yoga session, or sports competition, and charge a registration fee. Capture the energy and determination of the participants in the event recap video, inspiring online donations.

10. Virtual Talent Show for All Ages

Arrange a virtual talent show and invite performers of all ages to showcase their skills online. Charge an entry fee and invite the community to watch and vote for their favorites. The event recap video will capture the exceptional performances and encourage online giving.


With these ten event ideas, you have an array of easy-to-plan and engaging ways to raise money for your local community.

By creating compelling event recap videos and sharing them on ULiveUSA and social media, you can extend the reach of your events and inspire online donations from a broader audience.

So, start planning your events, embrace the power of video, and make a significant impact on your local community’s fundraising initiatives.

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