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How To Invite All Friends To Like A Business Facebook Page

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Invite Friends to Like Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media platform that does more than just linking people together. Businesses are finding the platform a veritable tool to empower their business and boost sales.

Business Facebook page likes are golden! The more likes you get on your business page mean more leads and better business opportunities.

A Business Facebook page has enormous benefits if you know how to invite all friends to like a business Facebook page. Benefits of business Facebook page likes include increase in your business ROI by over 75% and the following:

  • Increased Exposure to Potential Customers
  • More Leads generation
  • Lower Your Marketing Expenses
  • Reach a Targeted Audience
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Increase Your Web Traffic

Please read and digest this before you proceed

You have been told to write and share quality content to engage your audience and get the likes. This statement is true! Quality content helps glues your audience to your page. The quality of your content means a significant impact on your audience.

No audience will return to your page if it lacks the catch that compensates for their time your page. When a visitor didn’t get anything of benefit the first time they were on your page, do you think they will come back?

Therefore, when you create a business Facebook page, also think of useful content for the page.

How to get business Facebook page likes

Creating a business Facebook page isn’t the end of your job, making the page work for the growth of your business is the real work.

Unless you know how to get the likes and make people visit and interact with your business page, these benefits are unlikely!

But how can you get the likes and engage your audience? In the following discussion, I will share a simple method on how to invite all friends to like a business Facebook page.

First method: Chrome Extension

This method needs Facebook on the desktop and not the mobile version. So you will be using Google Chrome browser as our default browser.

  • Open chrome and install the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” chrome extension.
  • Activate the extension after installation, and then open your Facebook page in the Chrome browser.
  • On your Facebook page, find a little tick icon in the upper right top section of the screen close to the bookmark star. This indicates your extension to invite all friends is okay.
  • Go to your page and choose Invite Friends option. You will see a pop-up showing all your friends.
  • To invite all your friends once, you can use the “Invite All Friends on Facebook” extension you created earlier. By clicking the tick icon, Facebook will send an invite to each and everyone on your friend’s list. Sit back and relax while the extension does its job.

There are other methods of how to invite all friends to like a business Facebook page, but the one discussed above is straightforward.

Remember, you need a quality page to get the desired response from your friends. In another discussion, I will talk about how to create quality content that all your friends ill want to share. Stay tuned!

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