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How To Get Video Testimonials That Attract Customers.

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Get Video Testimonials Attract Customers

Testimonials from satisfied customers can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. They give credibility to your business and build trust with potential customers. As the owner or manager of a small business, we know for sure that you understand the importance of reputation in the marketplace.

Much of the success of your business depends on how you deal with your customers and the experience you give them. Having video testimonials on your website will help attract more customers and build your reputation.

Online assessments of your business can easily affect someone who is considering using your services or buying products from you. But most people who watch magazines realize that there will always be people who will not have anything nice to say.

Although you cannot really determine what people write about you on the reviews, you can contradict that with testimonials on your website.

Not just some kind of testimonials but video testimonials. Videoconferences make it more real and believable than the text someone would have written. Having positive video testimonials will help put your business in a positive perspective, build trust with your potential customers, attract them to visit your business and improve your overall reputation.


The power of video testimonials

Video marketing is the best way to show people online that you are a good broker. Your potential buyers and sellers want a broker they can believe in. If you have a video with testimonials, you increase the likelihood that someone will search online for a broker to call you. Tell someone why he should call you is one thing. If a lot of other people say your prospect why they should call you, it’s something completely different.

Search engine optimization for your testimonials

Keep your keywords in the title of your videos. If you do that, search engines will know what search terms are associated with your videos. It will also be possible to describe the video with written text, regardless of the video sharing platform you use. Be sure to include a clear description. Also, include a link to your website and a phone number in the description if possible.

Use Facebook with the video Testimonials

Whenever you ask a client to give you a testimonial, you have to put it on the wall and thank him. This gives all the friends and family of your previous client to see how they give you their testimony. It’s a bit like they personally recommend to all their friends and family.

Use videos to convert new customers

You can, of course, place the video on your website. Put them on the busiest pages of your website.

Use the videos for customer retention

Share your stories with the clients you work with who have not yet completed the transaction to remind them why they should continue to work with you. It’s great to teach your customers why they should be as loyal to you as you are to them. If you can send another each time you communicate via email, you can significantly increase your customer loyalty.


How do you spend your time online? Look for your products or services you want to buy, or visit your friends on Facebook to see what they do, or do you look on LinkedIn to see who you can contact professionally? Maybe you watched video ads during your stay?

The video is a powerful advertising tool if you do it right. This means that the script must be carefully designed so that the keywords attract people who are looking for that product or service. Use a professional voice-over to read the script or tell the video. Make sure the video visually tells the story that the voice is connected with the correct timing, and place a bed of music in the video to enhance the visual experience if any. If you do well, online video ads can be a big advantage for your business.

Videos can be made for a number of reasons and we have made them for many companies for different purposes:

To start a new business – New businesses need customers quickly and correctly loaded keyword-driven videos can reach these customers and lead to sales deals with a single view.

To expand the reach of a business on the domestic market – When a company must tell the people that it is ready to serve customers, no matter where it is, the video can be very effective in spreading the message of being around target the right customer.

Extend the reach of a company to its local market – Video can be used effectively to expand to neighborhoods where potential customers search online.

Presenting a product or service – Video is a fun and funny way to talk about the benefits of a product or service that people want to watch. It is much more efficient than a web page with a multitude of technical information that takes a long time to read.

To provide free and valuable information for capturing prospects – you have probably heard that “the money is on the list”. This applies to online marketing when you capture prospects and use an autoresponder to market these leads until they stop. The video can help you capture these leads for your business.

To present an event – do you give a seminar, an online webinar or a special sales event in your store? Video can be a great way to let potential customers sign up and show up.

Mark testimonials – live testimonials from customers are one of the most powerful trusted builders out there. Feedback from customers can guarantee the sale.


Whatever the reason you can imagine, we can make a video for this. This is a great way to promote your business. More than 28 billion videos are watched every month on in the United States alone. There are many looks in the video, so why should not your video ads belong to those who view them? It is important to develop a well-planned strategy before using video ads to ensure that you communicate the right message and reach your ideal target customer.

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