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High PR Event Submission Sites – Free Online Promotion!

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High PR Event Submission Sites

Getting an exceptional turnout to your event requires reaching the people right where they are.

And since most people frequently search for upcoming things to do using their mobile devices, your promotion efforts should start online.

Posting on high pr event submission sites is a great starting point towards increasing the attendance at your event. And plus… It’s free online promotion!

By posting a thorough 300-500 word description on high pr submission sites, your event’s listing will be found easier on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

To be certain your event gets a top-notch search listing, be sure to insert relevant keywords throughout your description that fit your occasion.

Using words and phrases used by people as they make general searches that are not specific to your event, will improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your submission.

For example, if you’re hosting a dog show called “The Bark Bonanza”, no pet owner will know to search for your show by title. And if they do, they were probably already aware of the show.

You’re objective is to boost attendance by reaching dog owners who aren’t aware of the show or may have just heard there was going to be a dog show.

So to get your event in front of them you’ll want to incorporate keywords like, “dog show”, “dog events”, “dog-friendly”, etc.

Writing a unique description for each submission will also enhance your listings in the search engine.

Making the text of each description slightly different on every site you submit to will tickle the fancy of search engines giving your event more exposure.

Another reason posting on multiple high pr event submission sites is beneficial is for building links and citations.

The search ranking of your own business and website can be increased greatly by having your information present on sites with a high page rank.

Our List Of Free High PR Event Submission Sites:


Free “One-click” submission without a long sign-up process. Event postings often rank high within search engines making your promotion more visible online.


The top site for posting events online. Eventbrite delivers the “full-package” for event promotion offering ticketing services and sales tracking tools. The site is highly promoted which will help drive more viewers to your listing.


Another high ranking submission site with killer traffic! This site covers all categories of events so yours will mix in wonderfully.


The social giant has a spot for your event too! Post your event and share it with all of your followers. Use the leverage of social media to boost your ticket sales!


Although it’s mostly known for business reviewing, Yelp is an excellent place to submit your event and receive top rankings in search engines.


A site that ranks well with attractive listings. As “America’s Search Engine For Fun Things To Do!” EventCrazy will get your event listed quickly in Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Get a whole lotta promotion for free! Add video, photos, and links that will work to rank your event prominently. It’s very easy to submit your event to this site.


A nice clean site to submit your event. The site also performs online ticketing for free events. As mentioned in the name, this site specializes in local community events.

9) Alignable

This is a networking site for small businesses, and has a section where you can easily submit your event. With Alignable, your event can be seen by local business owners in addition to getting a high ranked listing on search engines. It’s worth joining to get exposure for your business and all of its events. (When you join, be sure to connect and give us a recommendation!)

Local Community Websites & Event Calendars

Your most important source for high pr event submission sites is within your very own community.

Local County and City websites always carry the best ranking for their respective locations.

Do an online search for “event calendar (city, state)” and you’ll most likely find 5 to 10 sites where you can submit your event.

Many residents of small communities prefer using local sites to access a complete list of events that are happening in their own neighborhood.

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