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Event Plan: Local Community Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

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Did you get into the real estate business to learn marketing or to close deals?

Yes, developing a powerful marketing strategy that positions you as the “Top of Mind” real estate authority within your community will attract those leads you desperately need to close more deals, but shouldn’t that job be outsourced to a professional of marketing and not real estate?

The following real estate digital marketing strategy is an outline of how ULiveUSA can use both digital & live marketing strategies to position your brand prominently as the “Top of Mind” expert in your local community.

The campaign includes a full range of marketing strategies that incorporate digital, social media (primarily Facebook, YouTube & Instagram), print, local media, digital products, small live events and more.

Most importantly, your brand will be seen as a respected contributor towards the growth of your local community.

Marketing is about communicating how your services can benefit the lives of your clients; particularly when they’re working through those pivotal transitional stages of life that we all experience.

Getting married, having a new baby and becoming a parent, moving to a new neighborhood, losing a spouse and retiring are all major life transitions that commonly spark the need to make sudden lifestyle changes.

Many times these lifestyle changes prompt those involved to buy or sell a home to accommodate the new situation. These are the moments in which you should be “Top of Mind”, and our real estate event plan can help put you there.

Notice also how the life transitions mentioned could be the inspiration for stories that might engage other residents of a community. People love hearing about the experiences of others.

So why not provide them a resource that does just that?


Become Title Sponsor Of A Media & Entertainment Production
For Your Local Community.

What if you could advertise your real estate business for free? And we’re not talking about a cheap classified ad buried so deep in an unknown directory that no one will ever see it.

You’ll get exclusive marketing using digital, social media, Facebook, print, videos, email, and other popular channels.

It’s not free upfront, there is an investment, but what if you could recoup 100% of your investment and still have a complete real estate marketing system in place, wouldn’t that be an irresistible offer?

You can do this by partnering with ULiveUSA as Title Sponsor on the development of a media & entertainment production for your local community.

The production will focus on delivering digital & live events to your local community that are inspired by life transition topics similar to the ones mentioned.

The objective of the production is to position your brand right smack in the middle of these major life changes making it easy for local residents to know, like and trust you enough to become a client of your services.

By offering a family-friendly production that celebrates and/or acknowledges the most important moments in the lives of the people in your community, they will want to do business with you or at the very least refer you new business.

Structure & Content Development For Your Community Production

The foundation of the community production will employ a wide range of digital marketing strategies to entice engagement, with the first course of action being to set up an online property solely for this campaign.

Throughout the year, we will stimulate activity by inviting residents going through life transitions to share their stories. The information gathered may be distributed in a variety of ways… articles, videos, captivating infographics, etc.

NOTE: All content created can (and should) be shared on your own social media networks to cultivate good relations with your followers.

Unique contests, polls, and surveys will be used to gather information that can also be redistributed as valuable content.

Attending popular pre-planned events in the community will allow us to obtain quality content directly from local residents. This will be the main source for creating captivating short videos to entertain followers of the campaign.

Hosting a few small live & digital events that cater to those going through life transitions will also be an essential strategy for not only obtaining rich content but to generate new leads for your real estate business.

We will seek to get as many residents to collaborate with the campaign as possible so they have invested interest in the core product which will be a print magazine, branded for your business, containing all the top stories and events of the year.

So as a summary, here’s a list of what the real estate digital marketing strategy can include:

1) Small live events throughout the year.
2) Valuable content that you can share on social media.
3) Special digital events (videos, webinars, short courses, etc…)
4) Direct lead generation systems (surveys, polls)
5) Representation at popular pre-planned events happening in your community.
6) A print magazine covering all the top stories and events of the year.


How Our Profit Sharing Plan Can Allow You To “Earn Back” Your Investment and Get Free Advertising!

If you haven’t noticed yet, this local community media & entertainment production is more than just a way for you to advertise your real estate business.

It’s a full-blown online business with YOUR brand name all over it.

By becoming the Title Sponsor you are also the initiator and investor of the resulting online property that will be created.

So in return, we will apply a percentage of the revenue generated from the production towards reimbursing your initial investment. And once your initial investment has been fully reimbursed you can continue your reign as the productions Title Sponsor free of charge for as long as the campaign exists.

Therefore, if the production has a successful first year and moves on to subsequent years, you’ll receive completely free marketing.

How’s that for a return on your investment!

That means the worst case is that you’ll pay for a full year of real estate digital marketing services that will build your brand and reputation in your local community. The best case is the production will continue growth and reward you with limitless marketing exposure indefinitely!

And if that’s not enough… you’ll also get our Title Sponsor Guarantee which is:

If by the end of the first year’s campaign you haven’t received at least 50% of your initial real estate marketing investment back, we’ll give you FULL OWNERSHIP RIGHTS of all digital properties created. No questions asked!

Do you know of another agency that will guarantee the reimbursement of your marketing investment and offer free promotion for the life of a campaign?

Revenue Sources For The Community Media & Entertainment Production

You may be wondering how this production can generate the revenue needed to pay back your investment. Here are the most likely methods:

1) Exclusive Sponsorships

Other business owners in your local market will find this campaign to be a magnificent way to promote their own companies. Life transitions are key motivations for many services like insurance, car dealerships, financial institutions, lawyers, funeral homes, retirement villages and many other professional services.

2) Online Advertising

Businesses not directly associated with life changes may still like the extra exposure by purchasing ad placements throughout the campaign.

3) Digital Product Sales

A campaign of this volume can open the doors to many opportunities for the development and sale of unique online products or services.

4) Sale of Print Magazine

The completed print magazine to be produced at the end of the year could be a great source of income as it might be sold directly to residents and include paid advertising from local businesses.

5) Local Events With Entry Fees – With a good following, the production may allow one or more exclusive events where an entry fee could be collected. Not the main objective, but possible.

This local community real estate digital marketing strategy is an all in one campaign that will give your business a full spectrum of advertising goodness.

Becoming a Title Sponsor will allow you to pass your marketing tasks over to professionals while you focus on what you do best, close deals.

This event plan was written using the ideas and strategies from The Event Entrepreneur.

If you’d like more information on how you can get started with this real estate digital marketing strategy contact us at

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