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Creative passive income ideas for local small businesses.

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Large corporations that have bottomless budgets have for many decades utilized movies, music, media and more to draw new customers. You’ll find many movies and songs that have product mentions and placements.

Having celebrity endorsements or a spokesperson has never been an affordable marketing option for local small businesses until now.

Now that anyone can entertain and build a massive following on social media, local entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to create quality productions to promote and expand their businesses.

And with the rise of micro influencers small businesses can work with “local stars” to create once unimagined promotions that can now be executed right in the local community.

These promotional ideas can be a creative extra source of passive income or a means to advertise your local small business.

Create Local Events and Campaigns in digital form.

How many of your competitors are thinking about marketing their businesses with a short movie, podcast, a digital “how to” product, etc.?

If you want to be step ahead of what the guy down the street is doing then you’ve got to take the jump and invest into local digital events and even media productions.

People simply want to be entertained. They want to laugh, cry, giggle, and enjoy the time they spend on their favorite social media platforms. (I’m sure you enjoy social memes and streams as much as anyone?)

Creating your own event allows you to treat local residents to something other than hard selling your business. It removes the walls and encourages likely customers to engage with your production.

Creative Ideas For Small Business Marketing & Passive Income

Produce Local Video Productions –

Have fun and work with the local community through social media to carve out a niche topic that’s 100% fitting for the community. It could have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with your business. AND… It doesn’t matter. People will know who’s behind it. And if it’s good for the community, the LOVE WILL FOLLOW!

Next, work out how you can convert this niche “topic” into some form of digital entertainment.

The process is the same as creating any event. Brainstorm ideas based on what the community’s known for or would like to be known for. The best ideas will be 100% family appropriate.

An example might be if a town is known to have restaurants with the “Best Burgers”. You could organize a video production that highlights the community’s favorite burger spots. Add plenty of local testimonials and comments, plug your business a couple of times. Once you post your short video production it will live on the internet forever.

Or do you have a local high school sports team that just won’t stop winning? Why not do a video documentary on the team, the players, the coach and what it is that makes them successful?

Invest regularly into the production of quality local videos and soon everyone will want to do business with you.

Additionally, you can monetize your video productions with ads, or you could sell ad space to other local small businesses.

Create A Local Event Then Digitize It –

Another idea is to organize a community event that would get a lot of fanfare. A kickball tournament where family’s and teams can compete for a special prize is an example.

How could you make this into a digital production? Well, you’re most definitely going to hire a videographer/photographer to shoot on the day of the kickball tournament. But that’s the Grand Finale! You’re gonna want to milk all the media you can from this.

6 to 12 months before the day of the kickball tournament, you’ll begin registering the teams. As teams sign up you can begin interviewing the family’s or teams. Create a story about each team that can be shared visually. The more “Locally Inspired” the better.

The value in creating local video productions, digital events or custom campaigns is that people EVERYWHERE LOVE to be entertained. And in most local communities there’s an untapped market of locally inspired productions.

Rather than spend your money with an ad agency, you can invest in an asset that could grow in value over time. Your “Kickball Tournament” could be an annual attraction, adored by the whole community.

Develop A Digital Property, Product or Course –

There’s nothing new about earning passive income from royalties. Musicians, Actors, Writers, etc. all earn residual incomes from work they did years earlier. Why not you?

A baker might produce a special “Kids Cooking Cupcakes” course where students can compete against eachother on video. Home Improvement businesses could make special DIY (do-it-yourself) training videos. A restaurant might release a “30 Minute Dinner” digital cookbook featuring recipes from local residents.

These are all creative digital asset ideas that small businesses could use to increase passive income for local small businesses.

Instead of just “Advertising your business” why not use that same investment to create a production of value to your community? Something that residents can search and watch over and over for decades. Even after your business exists.

With digital being as important as it is to our society, it would be beneficial to you to brainstorm ideas on how you might be able to use digital marketing to increase business revenue streams.

Is there a possibility that you could sell a digital product nationally or even worldwide? Maybe you could offer a consulting service? Or become a Coach?

Ultimately the idea is to create a digital production that can be shared, seen or sold 24 hours daily with very little interaction on your part. If your production genuinely offers value to your audience, the outcome should be an increase in sales.

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