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Best Software Tools To Manage Social Media

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It’s simple to understand why a great majority of small companies utilize social media as a marketing tool.

Millions of people use social media sites like Meta, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Having a consistent social media presence enables small companies to reach out to clients wherever they are. 

So, how do you keep up with all of your social media marketing tasks?

It may be rather intimidating to consider all of the tasks that social media marketers must do daily, from content creation and publication to analytics, online competitions and reporting. 

Fortunately, there are a plethora of fantastic social media management tools accessible to assist.  

These technologies may help you optimize your operations, save time, and even guarantee that your material reaches the correct audience at the right time. 

And in this post, we’ll look at two of the greatest social media tools available. 

1. SocialPilot 

SocialPilot is a social media marketing automation application that may help you schedule and analyze your social media marketing operations. It’s a social media management tool that will enhance your social media efficiency and reach. 

With SocialPilot, you can connect to over 9 social media networks, including Meta, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, TikTok, and VK. 

With only one SocialPilot account, you may share up to 500 posts and link up to 100 accounts. 

Who is SocialPilot intended for? 

SocialPilot targets a niche market of startups, small enterprises, and marketing agencies who want access to various social networks. They can monitor the efficiency of their marketing campaigns without having to pay for high-end capabilities like competition reporting. 

Most of SocialPilot’s competitors demand consumers to upgrade their membership to add new users. This means that these customers wind up paying for capabilities that they may not want or need. 

Instead, SocialPilot provides efficient social media posting as well as an easy-to-use social media dashboard at a price that is affordable for smaller social marketing teams. 

SocialPilot’s features 

SocialPilot social media management provides all of the fundamental features you’d expect, as well as a few sophisticated tools to help your campaigns perform even better. Such as: 

  • Scheduling social media posts 
  • Content suggestions 
  • Performance evaluations 
  • Analytics for Hashtags 
  • And much more

SocialPilot’s pricing 

SocialPilot has four price tiers. 

The Professional plan is the most affordable, costing $25 per month if paid in one big payment for the whole year. If you wish to pay every month, it is $30 each month. 

This level allows you to connect with a whopping 25 social media accounts. 

The Small Team membership costs $50 per month (or $41.66 per month if paid in advance for a year) and expands on the Professional account by connecting to an additional 25 social media accounts and providing access to the Social Inbox tool for monitoring interactions. 

The Agency plan, which costs $100 per month or $83.33 per month if paid annually, includes everything in the Small Team package plus access for up to ten team members and the ability to connect 100 social media profiles. 

Should your needs fall outside of these limitations, the fourth alternative is to contact SocialPilot to develop your strategy.


2. CoSchedule 

The Marketing Suite from CoSchedule is a collection of agile marketing technologies that help you organize your processes, projects, and teams. 

CoSchedule’s Marketing Suite provides you with all the tools you need to:  

  • Complete more work. Publish more material to increase your team’s productive work capacity and produce a greater ROI. To perform 125% more work, eliminate interminable email threads, pointless meetings, and desk drop-bys. 
  • Complete tasks on time. By combining predictability and flexibility in your work, you may build a high-performance team that completes tasks on schedule. Maintain job completion rates of more than 90% on time. 
  • Demonstrate your worth. Gain complete access to your marketing to prioritize, organize, and manage a consistent pipeline of incoming and ongoing initiatives. Concentrate all of your efforts on work that is in line with strategic company objectives. 

Who is CoSchedule intended for? 

CoSchedule is a project management software application for marketers, bloggers, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs that want to organize their blog and social media in one location. 

While the name may be deceptive, it is significantly more than a basic content scheduler and calendar.

It offers a set of tools that may be used to handle a variety of marketing challenges, and it can also be used in a variety of different circumstances and website kinds as required. 

This application is ideal for anybody searching for software that will assist them in managing and scheduling numerous marketing tasks as swiftly and effectively as possible. 

CoSchedule features 

Since its inception many years ago, it has developed into more than just a scheduling blog. It now offers a solution and tools to assist you in managing any marketing or blog area. 

Here are some of the most notable features: 

  • Analytics for Social Media 
  • Publishing on Social Media 
  • Campaign Optimization for Social Engagement 
  • Campaign Planning, among other things 

CoSchedule pricing 

CoSchedule access is available on a monthly and yearly basis like SocialPilot. CoSchedule provides a variety of priced programs. 

The first plan is called Marketing Calendar. It costs $39 per month per user. 

And you get to have Marketing Calendar, task templates, read-only views, task management & discussions, Social Publishing, etc… 

In the second plan Marketing Suite, you will need to call for price. 

And you also get added features.

So, these are the best tools to manage social media. Hope you found it helpful and are ready to make a sound decision.

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