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Best Virtual Events Platforms for Small Businesses

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If you are running a business online, you may often need to organize events to raise brand awareness in the market.

But it is not always possible to ensure desired gathering at live events and conferences. Experts advise conducting virtual meetings where they can execute awareness campaigns about latest products and services.

When you are targeting audience from a large demographics or are planning to provide services overseas, virtual events may help you highlight brand impression with ease. However, in order to conduct these activities, you may need best virtual event platforms.

Virtual event platforms basically present a combination of software, hardware and services to the distributed range of audience. The advanced features of these tools may help to extend support to the live streams while ensuring higher interactivity online.

The latest tools may help businesses to maintain engagement in the competitive market. Experts recommend these virtual event management platforms to boost pre-marketing abilities and outreach.

Some of these software solutions can be even accessed via smartphones and tablets as well. Hence, people can enjoy full access to the events and activities on the go.

Best Virtual Event Management Software:

Those who have just shifted their business online may need to find some reliable options for organizing virtual events online. Although you may find plenty of competitive tools in the market to manage all events in a smart way, it is still important to ensure best pick for enhanced performance. Well, here we are going to talk about three best virtual event management software tools. This detailed comparison may help you to pick the best one to build brand impression online.


The first most name in the list is EventZilla. This software tool offers smarter way to manage event promotions, registrations, attendees and check-ins as well. You can manage everything on single dashboard with easy access to all essential features.

EventZilla platform is serving plenty of customers all around the world. Recent states reveal that these professionals have created more than 200,000 event websites every day. At the same time, the count of processed registrations has gone much above 700,000.

EventZilla may help you to create custom event websites for conducting virtual events and post. With this, you can ensure enhanced registration experience for the end users. This tool can also work well with industry specific solutions. Furthermore, it is also recommended for non profit fundraisers, conferences and many other events.

Virtual Events Management

Some of the best tailored features available with conferences include scheduling, attendee self-service, abstract management, conference mobile app, and deep-dive analytics as well.

You can capture rich data using specially designed registration forms and boost engagement with the audience. It can further help you to set up email-based reminders for improving show up rates.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with live streaming and webinar platforms.
  • Personalized access to the attendees.
  • Promote your virtual events with built in marketing tools.
  • Automate reminder notifications with personalization features.
  • Engage remote attendees by controlling event over mobile apps.


Here is another amazing tool that you can use to create beautiful event website. It is currently being used by more than 300,000 people and they rate it high for its beautiful, easy and simple system.

You can just choose the type of event that you wish to create and hit the create free button. It takes not more than 30 seconds to help you connect to the audience.

The iconic software platform is loaded with plenty of free templates that you can choose to manage a variety of virtual events online.

It is not just restricted to business needs; rather, you can also create birthday parties, trips, happy hour events and other professional activities as well.

Other than this, the EventCreate platform makes it easier to build professional looking website for listing out your events. This easy to use website builder comes with hand crafted tools and it is managed by award winning design teams. They can help you to bring your content immediately online to impress the target audience.

The registration management and attendee tracking become much convenient with EventCreate. This fully customizable software tool can help you to accept credit cards, sell tickets and quickly tweak the registration forms.

The advanced analytics can further help you to track event performance. This software also has ability to identify influencers, VIPs and other members attending the events as well.

Key Features:

  • Easy tracking of attendee activities.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Plenty of templates available online.
  • Get instant performance analytics for virtual events.


This tool can help you to host amazing online events while engaging global audience online. With vFair, you can execute virtual career fairs, online conferences, online trade shows, and many more.

The professionals on this platform are ready to provide 24×7 hours customer support. They can also help you to connect with the people using webinars, chats and digital content as well.

vFair can help you empower job seekers with easy to handle application process. This virtual conference system can ease the keynote sessions, breakout sessions, summits, online conferences, networking forums and summits.

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