30 Day Creative Project Ideas Challenge -Writing Art and Narration

Join Our 30-Day Community Creative Writing, Arts & Narration Activity Challenge!

Ready to spark your CrEaTiVe Flare AND get your work published online? Check out our free creative writing, arts & narration activity for online creators, homeschool students, teams, families, classes, clubs, individual adults & anyone else up to the challenge!

ULiveUSA’s Creative Community Writing & Arts Challenge Is A Project That’ll Boost Imaginations. – It’s a Fun & Challenging Activity For Kids and Adults.

This indoor project is designed for homeschool parents, individual creators and groups. You will work as a team to write a short poem or 250-word story, create illustrative art and record a narrative performance to be published into our collaborative Creative Community Video Production.

Focus Skills: Creative Writing, Illustrative Arts, Narration, Reading Clarity, Project Management & Team Collaboration.
Completion Time: 30 Days (Register To Download Our Easy Creator’s Checklist!)
Rewards: ULiveUSA Creators Certificate, Get Published & Get Paid! Chance to Win Creator’s Award!

ULiveUSA’s Creative Community Writing & Arts Challenge Details:

 What’s the program about?

You & your team will partner to write, illustrate, narrate, plan & manage a project from start to finish. By simply completing our 4-week program guide you’ll create an original production to share with friends and be seen worldwide! (NOTE: The Creative Community Writing & Arts Challenge is available to people of all ages. So go ahead and create a memory that’ll last forever!)

Building A Foundation for The Next Generation of LOCAL Digital Creators.

ULiveUSA hopes to encourage both youth and adults to actively participate in the development of local digital content. Local creators can reflect their life moments, talents, gifts, ideas, culture, comedy and more from right within their own community. This homeschool activity will help develop the knowledge needed to create, plan & successfully complete a digital project for publishing. And the final production will be a unique creation that’ll entertain, teach or inspire others!

How The Project Works

After registering for our 30-Day Creative Community Writing & Art Challenge, (you/your child/group) will be given access to our Creator’s Checklist & Goal Sheet.

Simply start at week #1 and check off your tasks one by one. After the 4th week, our team will edit your work into a unique narrative video to be published online!

It’s simple… in 30 days you, your child, group or team will brainstorm to create a great topics & ideas. You’ll then write an entertaining 10-line poem or 250-word short story about your topic. Next, you’ll visually illustrate it using paintings, pictures, short videos, dance, food art, you know… let your imagination run wild! Lastly, you’ll record an audio narration, song, rap or even a spoken word performance of your writing.

That’s it! Just submit the weekly tasks and we’ll take care of the rest. Here are examples of completed projects:

Example 1: Burt’s Hurts by Brasen D. Berkeley County, WV (Poem &Paint)

Example 2: The New Dog by Leia D. Berkeley County, WV (Video Narration)

What’s in this creative activity? 

  • You’ll be encouraged to write a 10-line rhyming poem or 250 words short story with the help of the parents/teachers.
  • You’ll be encouraged to portray a visual illustration of their poems/short stories in the form of pictures, sketches, videos or paintings.
  • You’ll be required to narrate their stories and poems with clear phonics and record their reading performance.
  • ULiveUSA will compile each submission into a video format and publish as a collaborative production online.
  • Get rewarded for their participation & team collaboration.

Skills to be developed:

  • Express your out-of-the-box thinking, unleash creative energy, and develop language skills.
  • Enjoy a feeling of Accomplishment when work is published 
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn independent and group learning
  • Enrich their communication and cognitive skills
  • Strengthen brain functions and improves attention span

3 Ways To Be Rewarded!

ULiveUSA Creator’s Certificate: Earn a ULiveUSA Creator’s Certificate by completing your tasks and submitting your work within 30 days of registering.

Get Published! Get Paid!: If your project is approved and completed within 30 days of the registration date, you’ll earn a minimum of $25! You can earn more by increasing the quality & creativity of work submitted.

WIN A ULiveUSA Creator’s Award: Your project could WIN A “Fan Favorite” Award! If your project engages the most likes & shares on social media!