Life isn’t easy and it wasn’t meant to be.

We all have our struggles with difficult times in life. 

As I journey through my own struggles, I’ve found there is peace in God, but it can only be earned when I work to get ME out of the way.

However, dying to myself to connect with God is no easy task.

Daily I am attacked by pride, selfish thoughts, ideas and habits I’ve formed throughout my entire life.

The self-centered thoughts that tell me I am the maker of my own life. The indulgent ideas that seduce me into believing I alone can control my future. The self-serving habits that lead me into acting on my own motives.

These all must be destroyed and replaced with a burning desire to seek God and fulfill his will in my life.

God Guides Me Through By Being Humble And Seeking His Grace

God is always there to guide me through, but He only appears to me when I can get past myself and seek His grace.

Finding peace through my struggles can be as easy as kneeling down to say the Lord’s Prayer or read His Word, but I am often too blinded by my own emotional impulses to reach out to God.

At times it seems so much easier blame God for my troubles than it is to humble myself before Him believing that He knows my trials and by following His guidance I will make it through.

Quitting is never easy and it’s even harder when what I have to quit is ME.

When I Quit Believing In ME… PEACE Is On The Other Side!

When I seek God about my struggles and allow Him to lead the way, I can immediately rest in His Peace.

God always appears in my life when I die to myself and on the other side of my struggles is VICTORY!

A sweet reminder of the VICTORY that Yeshua (Jesus) The Christ won for us all on the cross!

My life will always have highs and lows but without God’s guidance, I never know which is which.

Many times the way I handle the highs can bring about some of the lowest of the lows and through God’s grace, the person I become amidst the lows makes me stronger, lifting me to victory.

PEACE, I’ve realized, is found by seeking God every day no matter what situation I’m going through, good times or bad. 

I hope this post has touched your life as it has mine by writing and meditating on it.

God Is Always There To Guide You Through!