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Why I Paid $750+ For My Online Startup Mentoring.

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My Online Startup Mentoring

You are most likely aware that affiliate marketing programs are a dime a dozen.

If you were to do a simple search online for “Free Affiliate Course”, you’d be served hundreds, if not thousands, of courses ranging from mediocre to excellent.

But today I’d like to share with you why I decided to partner with My Online Startup over all the others.


I’m An Advanced Beginner…

Let me start by saying that I am not new to affiliate marketing at all. I began tinkering with affiliate marketing back in 2008 when it was a lot less competitive and straight forward.

I never dedicated myself fully to affiliate marketing, as I also run a digital marketing company, but I was able to generate consistent income using it.

Now understanding the infinite possibilities that affiliate marketing can provide; stable income, passive business, financial freedom, etc. I’ve decided to dedicate more of my time building a lucrative business online.

And the fastest way that I see myself getting to my goal of $100,000 online, is to invest in a mentor/coach who has already achieved it.

My Online Startup was created by Chuck Nguyen, a professional affiliate marketer, who has built multiple businesses to six figures.

And when I learned that Chuck designed My Online Startup to be a platform where he would pour priceless knowledge into his mentoring and coaching program, I WAS IN!

In fact, he just recently introduced his Million Dollar Project for 2019 to his mentoring students. The project outlines his intent to build My Online Startup to $1,000,000 by training his dedicated mentoring students to earn $100,000+.

Now in case you’re not familiar with My Online Startup, it’s actually a 100% free online business course that delivers detailed video training to all who join. ZERO investment needed!

You can join right now and get instant access to complete training on how to build a sustainable online business.

This free training covers all aspects of a online business such as; setting your success mindset, understanding affiliate marketing, generating leads, starting a blog, marketing on YouTube and much, much, more.

If you did nothing else but join My Online Startup for free, you would have all you’d need to learn how to establish a successful business online.


So Why Did I Pay $750+ For Mentoring & Coaching?

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in 100% to reach my goal of $100,000. And since Chuck launched his Million Dollar Project, I want to take him up on it.

So I paid not only for his mentoring program, but also for his one-on-one coaching and lifetime membership. (I was blessed to grab this premium package right before My Online Startup launched. It has since been increased in price.)


Here Are My 3 Top Reasons I Took The Plunge Into The My Online Startup Mentoring Program…


1) Increased Earnings –

The My Online Startup mentoring program instantly increases your ability to multiply your income.

If you didn’t know, My Online Startup has its very own affiliate program where all members (free & paid) can make money by sharing the program with others.

When you upgrade to Chuck’s My Online Startup Mentoring Program, which is now just $47/month, you’ll receive exclusive “insider information” available only to mentoring students. In addition, you’ll “get a raise”. Seriously!

You will instantly earn more money for each affiliate sale you get. Not only that, but as a mentoring member you’re qualified to have Chuck’s Team setup a complete business marketing system where you can earn from the sale over 50+ affiliate programs!

That’s 50+ programs that are already built into the system. You don’t have to do a single thing, except share the program. (An affiliate business on autopilot… well worth the upgrade!)


2) Community Engagement –

The free videos give you the instruction, but with the mentoring program Chuck takes you by the hand and literally shows you the way.

You will be able to reach out to Chuck directly along with his team and the entire mentoring community.

Think of the impact it would have on your success to be able to connect with a community of like-mined individuals all pushing for the same goal. Can you say UNSTOPPABLE!

Get access to LIVE web-conferences where you can learn from and assist other mentoring members while Chuck answers questions in real time. (LIVE Coaching and Training… I’d upgrade for just for this!)


3) Truthful Sharing –

By understanding what I’ve mentioned so far about My Online Startup and its affiliate program, you also understand that if you happen to like what I’m saying about the program and take action, I will
be compensated as your referrer.

That’s another reason I joined the Mentoring Program. I’ve been searching for a REAL SUSTAINABLE solution for creating income online for 4 years. One that I could actually share with friends and family.

And Friend, you should know that I’m truthfully 100% invested in My Online Startup. And I believe that if you join the Mentoring Program, follow the course, and work you’ll grow a sustainable business online.

By the way, Chuck actually GUARANTEES that if you take action on the training and DO NOT earn an income with My Online Startup, he’ll pay you back for wasting your time. (See full details in members area.)

Sign Up To Track My Progress

When you join My Online Startup’s Mentoring Program, I’ll put you on my friend list and share my progress via email. I’ll let you in on how close I’m getting to my goal of $100,000.

Sign Up For Your SUCCESS!

You really have nothing to lose. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee so you can join the mentoring program, experience it for 30 whole days and if you don’t like it… get your money back.

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