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Two Tier Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

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Two-tier affiliate programs are a great choice for making money online. They can help you earn double, even triple, the commissions for promoting products and services. And we’ve found that the My Online Startup platform is an excellent 2 tier affiliate program that sets up budding entrepreneurs for success.

Before we have a detailed discussion on how My Online Startup platform serves beginners, let us have a detailed discussion on two-tier affiliate programs.

What are two-tier affiliate programs?

The two-tier affiliate program is an affiliate model in which you can refer new members to the program. The two-tier affiliate program works with a unique payment structure where affiliates receive commissions not just for the sales generated by them, rather for the sales generated by the fellow marketers referred to the respective affiliate program.

It clearly means that you will receive commissions at two levels; however, the rest of the working of these affiliate marketing programs is almost the same as any regular single tier affiliate marketing program.

If you are a beginner, you may be interested to understand how exactly these affiliate marketing programs work and how you can even earn over $100 per sale.

Well, as an example, a general payout structure might be that affiliates can earn almost 50% commission for sales generated directly by them. However, the affiliate will also earn 10% commission generated by downline referral sales that are executed by your sub-affiliates.

In order to make money with two tier affiliate programs that pay weekly, you may need to target mainly two types of people to boost your earnings.

The first ones are the end-users and buyers to whom you should promote the product to. These are the folks who’ll be “consuming” the product as customers. And the second type of person are the affiliate marketers, like yourself, who’ll be promoting the affiliate program to earn an income from the sale of the product.

You cannot target both these audiences using the same marketing strategies, because one is looking for a product that offers a service and others are entrepreneurial looking to generate an income. Instead, it is important to develop a trustworthy approach for both categories separately to ensure complete success.

There is no doubt to say that two-tier affiliate programs offer a special catch with lucrative offers to make money online. But one needs to be very careful in performing marketing activities to ensure the best returns in the long run.

Make Money with My Online Startup Two Tier Affiliate Marketing Program:

My Online Startup is one of the top-rated step by step affiliate marketing course for beginners. It covers almost everything including how to make money online by simply promoting products of the affiliate program. The topics of this online course focus on:

  • YouTube marketing
  • Email marketing and lead generation
  • Profitable niches and ways to find the best affiliate products
  • Success mindset and philosophy training
  • Forum marketing and content marketing
  • All about website traffic including solo ads, organic and traffic networks.
  • Tracking conversions.

These tutorials are usually available in video format; however, you can also leave some notes on the screen to boost your learning. The important points can be typed while watching the videos.

Other than this, the creator of this course, Chuck Nguyen, also guides beginners about using the latest marketing tools including email marketing services, WordPress plugins, and themes, web hosting, link tracking service, and many other proven affiliate marketing programs.

This online affiliate marketing program is widely reviewed and recommended because of its ability to train beginners to set up a profitable business online.

This program is developed by Chuck Nguyen who is a great teacher. The beginners can learn a lot from these lessons and start a fruitful journey towards the business industry.

Each video tutorial is almost 20 to 40 minutes long and it opens up about many money-making secrets from experts to help you achieve great returns in the long run.

Once you gain access to this educational program, you can develop a better understanding of the most effective marketing strategies, profitable niches, and how to adopt a success-oriented mindset for leading business online. In order to generate income online, you can join the affiliate network offered by My Online Startup.

The idea is to connect a higher number of partners to this affiliate network and make money in the form of commissions. You can avail of 50% commissions for the first level affiliate benefits and 10% more profits can be earned for second-tier activities.

Earn more with My Online Startup two-tier affiliate programs:

As we have discussed above, My Online Startup offers a two-tier high-ticket sales affiliate program. Once you become a Legendary partner, it can help you earn more than $500.

The great news is that when you join as a legendary partner, it not just helps you earn a $500 commission for the legendary partner sales; rather at the same time, you will make profits for the sales generated by the sponsored partners. Other than this, you can also earn $1000 commissions with the high dollar “My Million Dollar Business” program.

Note that this two-tier affiliate program works in association with ClickBank that is a reputable affiliate network program. It generates commissions on a weekly basis. Few other legendary benefits of this program include:

  • Lifetime access to the inner circle of Chuck.
  • Legendary commissions program allows affiliates to make $500 for the legendary upgrades of the direct partners.
  • When the legendary partner of the direct team makes $500 in profit, you can also get a $100 matching bonus.
  • If your team member earns a $500 legendary pass up a commission, you can also avail $100 pass up matching bonus.
  • Every time your members make up $100 partner commissions, you can obtain $50 as a matching bonus benefit.

In short, you can make great profits by using the My Online Startup program. The program can be joined for free, and as soon as you become a partner, you will be able to earn $100 commissions for every partner you refer to the program.

Additionally, there are 50+ other channels to make money online with My Online Startup’s affiliate programs that pay weekly. You can create a free account now and then upgrade your account to become a partner in the two-tier affiliate program.

It is good to join the My Online Startup network today and start making a huge income online. Make sure you work actively on both levels to lead your returns on weekly basis.

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