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Two Tier Affiliate Programs That Pay Weekly

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Affiliate marketing has become a popular avenue for individuals and businesses to generate income by promoting products or services of other companies.

One of the fascinating advancements in this field is the advent of Two-Tier Affiliate Programs.

These programs offer an exciting opportunity for affiliates to not only earn commissions from their own referrals but also to build a team of sub-affiliates and earn from their referrals too.

In this article, we’ll delve into the concept of Two-Tier Affiliate Programs and explore some prominent programs that embrace this model.

What is a Two-Tier Affiliate Program?

A Two-Tier Affiliate Program is a type of affiliate marketing structure where affiliates are rewarded for both direct sales made through their unique affiliate links and for recruiting new affiliates into the program.

In this model, the primary affiliate, also known as Tier 1, receives a commission for each successful sale they directly refer. Additionally, they earn a smaller percentage from the sales generated by the sub-affiliates they’ve recruited, who form Tier 2.

How Two-Tier Affiliate Programs Work

  1. Direct Referrals: When an affiliate promotes a product or service and a customer makes a purchase through their affiliate link, the affiliate receives a commission for the sale. This is the traditional affiliate marketing process.
  2. Recruiting Sub-Affiliates: In a Two-Tier Affiliate Program, affiliates are encouraged to recruit others to join the affiliate program. Once a new affiliate signs up through their unique referral link, they become a sub-affiliate under the Tier 1 affiliate.
  3. Earnings from Sub-Affiliate Sales: When a sub-affiliate generates sales through their promotions, the Tier 1 affiliate receives a secondary commission based on the agreed percentage. It’s important to note that the commission rates for Tier 2 earnings are typically lower than the direct referral commissions.

Advantages of Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

  1. Boosted Earning Potential: Two-tier programs offer the potential to earn from multiple streams. While direct sales generate income, the Tier 2 earnings can supplement and enhance overall earnings significantly.
  2. Network Expansion: Affiliates have an incentive to grow their network by recruiting new sub-affiliates. This fosters a collaborative environment and promotes a sense of community among affiliates.
  3. Motivation and Engagement: By offering the opportunity to earn from sub-affiliate sales, this model encourages affiliates to actively support and guide their recruits, leading to increased motivation and engagement.

Notable Two-Tier Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon Associates: One of the world’s largest online retailers, Amazon, offers a Two-Tier Affiliate Program. Affiliates earn commissions not only on products they promote but also from sales generated by sub-affiliates they refer.
  2. ClickBank: A well-known digital marketplace for products and services, ClickBank operates a Two-Tier Affiliate Program. Affiliates can earn from both direct sales and from the earnings of their recruited affiliates.
  3. ShareASale: This affiliate marketing platform provides a Two-Tier Affiliate Program where affiliates can earn from their referrals and any subsequent sales made by the sub-affiliates.
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program: Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform, has a Two-Tier Affiliate Program that rewards affiliates for direct sales and the sales made by their referred affiliates.
  5. ConvertKit: An email marketing platform, ConvertKit, has a Two-Tier Affiliate Program that allows affiliates to earn from both their referrals and their sub-affiliates’ efforts.


Two-Tier Affiliate Programs offer a unique and rewarding approach to affiliate marketing. By providing the chance to earn not only from direct sales but also from sub-affiliate referrals, these programs attract motivated and enthusiastic affiliates.

As a result, businesses can leverage this model to expand their reach, build strong networks, and drive sales through the collective efforts of affiliates and their recruits.

As the affiliate marketing landscape continues to evolve, Two-Tier Affiliate Programs present an exciting avenue for boosting earnings and empowering affiliates within the industry.

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