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Trade Show Lead Capture, Generation, and Follow Up

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A wide range of professionals use events and trade show lead capture to boost networking opportunities at their business terminal.

Although they are expensive to organize, you may find more crowds at your doorstep. Moreover, those random visitors can be soon turned into potential prospects. 

Stats reveal that 41% of the companies around the world prefer considering event marketing to be the top choice for lead generation. It is possible to find lots of tips and ideas from experts to make trade shows more successful.

Moreover, trade shows are the best ways to build solid relationships in the industry while introducing new products and services. 

Why use trade shows for lead generation?

Experts reveal that trade shows are the best ways to introduce your niche and brand to the target audience.

With time, you may also be able to develop healthy contacts in the industry. Marketers experienced with trade show lead generation even prefer to offer irresistible gifts and other promotional items to attendees so that they have a great reason to opt-in to your list. 

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The trade shows must be full of life and engaging so that they do not create faded memories for visitors.

The wallpapers and the exhibition activities must be developed so well that they can excite the visitors to explore your premises. When the entire world is busy in leading virtual marketing campaigns, trade shows are the best way to establish a connection with the real people. They are the most effective solution to deliver a solid impression of your brand. 

Here we have listed a few amazing benefits of using trade shows for generating leads:

  • Capture more leads and sales for your business using Dial My Calls SMS texting. 
  • Establish brand reputation in the competitive market. 
  • Trade shows bring manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and customers to a single platform.
  • Most trusted way to capture new networking opportunities. 
  • Leading brand awareness campaigns while ensuring enhanced recognition of your niche. 
  • Follow up on leads offers more returns on investment.
  • Educate people about your technology, niche, and other interesting stuff related to your business. 
  • Getting valuable feedback from visitors that can help you grow in the long run. 
  • Knowing the current state of your business in the market and finding ways to grow more. 

Those who are going to set up a trade show for the first time must understand that an interesting display is a must to capture the audience’s attention.

You can take help from professionals to design some intuitive and creative graphic designs. They can perfectly highlight your brand impression in the competitive market. 

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How to capture more leads through trade shows?

Now you have gone through the reasons to use trade shows for brand promotion, it is the right time to proceed ahead and discuss the tips and tricks to capture more leads with this branding technique. 

Below we have listed a few interesting ideas about how to succeed with trade show lead capture campaigns:

Promote trade shows:

The first most important task you need to do is promote your trade show or event on multiple platforms.

You cannot have the desired traffic on your event if people are not aware of the dates, location, and type of event.

It is better to create a special landing page where people can get information about your upcoming events and trade shows. It will help them to ensure more crowd at your platform. 

You can start promoting your trade show a few months before the event on social media websites, blogs, newsletters, and direct email campaigns as well.

Also, spare some time to re-connect with the people whom you met during previous trade shows. Chances are that they might be interested to join the new events as well. 

Offer relevant incentives:

People are always eager to receive some offers and additional benefits from top brands. If you are interested in capturing more leads at your trade show, you must offer them some incentive to entice them to submit their contact information. 

Custom Exhibits

The idea is to launch some contests at your trade show events and offer handsome prizes to the winners.

Have participants join the contest by subscribing to your Dial My Calls SMS text database. Once they’ve joined your list you can update them on the winners and follow up after the trade show is completed.

For instance, if you are leading B2B marketing services, you can ask visitors to drop their business cards with a promise to announce three lucky winners by text who will get a super special deal. Just disclose that any business cards entered will be added to your company’s SMS text list.

Some businesses prefer to run giveaways to create a more engaging experience for their prospects. You can also think of providing a free consultation to the winners of a contest.

Make your booth functional and appealing:

Another important thing that you need to do is create a functional and appealing booth for your trade show. Experts advise being careful while choosing the layout of both and at the same time, it requires more effort for deciding the visual appeal. 

Take expert assistance to decide the floor plan and wall décor. At the same time, the counter on your booth must be attractive and engaging. Some marketing experts also advise adding games and food to increase traffic or crowd at the booth.

But the selection depends upon the niche and theme of your trade show. Offer some relevant prizes to the winners of the games and they will definitely remember your business in the long run. 

Never forget to follow up:

It is not just about creating a crowd and getting leads; some efforts are also required after the show to do follow-ups. Many businesses experience a huge loss with trade shows just because they fail to follow up with prospects. Actually, after the show tasks play important role in closing potential deals. 

With your Dial My Calls account you can set up adequate follow up messages to keep your business “top of mind”. You can also implement telemarketing to handle their queries and interests with care so that those leads can be soon converted into loyal customers.

Experts also advise using text or SMS marketing services to stay in touch with the prospects in the long run.

Following these tactics may help you to achieve increased lead generation from trade shows and events. Soon you will be able to capture more sales and build a solid brand reputation in the market.

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