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Paid Writing To Earn Money From Online Jobs Without Investment

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Paid Writing To Earn Money

What does it take to earn money from online jobs? Writing on a daily basis!

I’m not even going to beat around the bush. Writing is the primary duty for over 90% of online jobs that you’ll encounter. And if you think about it, it makes complete sense.

The internet is termed the “information superhighway” for a reason. Millions, even billions of people log on to the internet daily to search for useful information. This fact is proven by you reading this article right now.

Chances are, you were searching the internet for ways to earn money from online jobs without any investment or something similar, and you landed you right smack on this page.

If I hadn’t written this article, you could’ve ended up on another site reading someone else’s information. But because I took the time to write on this subject, you’ve become one more visitor that I’m blessed to have on my site.

Paid writing on the internet is a job that other’s will pay you up front to do for them, or you could opt to write for yourself (Like I do!) and earn money by building your own “information database”.

Your decision will depend on whether you’d like to earn money in the short-term or the long-term. If you need money like Yesterday, then you’ll want to start by getting writing jobs from paying clients.

This gets cash in your pockets quickest, but offers no long-term residual benefits. Your goal is to land new clients quickly, and a site you can use is Paid Writing Jobs. This site will help connect you with high paying writing jobs that’ll pay you via PayPal.

And if long-term money earning is your goal, then writing for yourself is where it’s at. It could take months before your writing pays off, but as your content grows, the earnings will accumulate and can turn into a solid source of income.

I have been working online for over 14 years, and I’ve seen practically every method there is for earning money without the need to put up an investment. You can believe me when I say, paid writing is the best method for you to earn from online jobs.

It’s just a matter of whether you want to get paid up front or when the results of your work pays for itself. Like I said, the latter takes a little bit more time, but the pay can be quite rewarding.

5 Online Paid Writing Jobs To Earn Money Without Investment

Below, I’ve listed 5 different jobs you can do online, requiring no investment. All, with the exception of #2, are jobs that involve getting paid to write. But each has its own “twist” on how money is earned.

1) Get Paid To Write About Your Life (Blogging) –

You’ve probably heard it before, “Start a blog to earn money”. And if you haven’t been told this yet, then let me be the first.

Blogging can be a very lucrative way to build an income writing online. Obviously, you’re not going to be paid until your articles start getting traffic and viewers, but blogging can realistically earn you $2,000+ every single month online.

The reason I chose blogging to earn money online is because I can write about any topic, anytime I want to. I figure if I’m going to work my butt off writing, then I may as well write on topics that interest me.

That’s the beauty of starting your own blog, you can get paid to write about your life. OR, at least the things that you’re passionate about.

Starting a blog is easy and doesn’t need to be made over-complicated. If your honest and can communicate that to your readers you’ll build your blog just fine.

Blogging does take work and is not for you if you’re just looking for a fast cash. However, if you can blog daily or very regular, then you should see major progress within 6 months to a year.

To get started, you can join a free online course called My Online Startup. There you’ll find a great tutorial on setting up your blog for success.

2) Instant Paying Survey Sites –

I’m listing paid surveys because they offer a more immediate solution for earning money online.

Companies wanting to improve their products and services need your feedback. By completing their survey questions, watching videos, clicking ads, reading emails, etc. these companies can use the data to make their products more marketable to the general public.

Completing surveys doesn’t demand that you do a lot of writing. You may need to write a short review or your opinion of a product, but that’s the extent of it.

With instant paying survey sites, you can get paid the moment you complete assigned tasks. Your account will be credited with monetary rewards where you can withdraw once you’ve met the minimum requirements.

The internet is saturated with paid survey sites, some good and others not so much. To save you time I’m listing my top 3 instant paying survey sites so you can hit the ground running and earn some extra cash fast.

Here’s my to 3 instant paying survey sites. Join all of them to maximize your task requests and earn money.

  1. OfferNation
  2. Get-Paid
  3. InboxDollars

Another great site for fast earnings is Get Paid! If you want even more earning potential, then after you’ve signed up for the sites above, I recommend giving Get-Paid a go.

3) Free Bitcoin Browser Mining –

Are you familiar with Bitcoin? I’m not an expert on the subject of cryptocurrencies, but I know an opportunity when I see it.

All you need to know is that Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be converted into cold hard cash. And financial professionals have made wild predictions that within 5 years a single Bitcoin could be worth $50K! (Currently a Bitcoin is valued at $7,492) Do you see opportunity yet?

Bitcoin is similar to a stock in that it rises and falls in value based on market conditions. The more Bitcoin people buy, the more its value increases.

What this means is that if you invest just a little time into getting free Bitcoin now, even a small amount could be worth THOUSANDS within 5 to 10 years.

I know that most people aren’t concerned with what’s going to happen in 10 years, but this is HUGE!

Our entire monetary system could be completely changed into digital within a few years. And just like those early adapters who became millionaires by pioneering businesses on the internet, this could be your opportunity to do the same with free Bitcoin browser mining.

To start, you just need to download CryptoTab, a browser that works 100% on autopilot mining Bitcoin that you can later turn into real cash.

You’ll want to install CryptoTab on your computer and mobile device so you can immediately begin earning “digital money”.

But here’s the most important part to multiplying your income; you need to write short articles about Bitcoin or CryptoTab to grow your army of Bitcoin miners.

You see, the key to earning money with CrytoTab is to have a steady flow of referrals downloading the Bitcoin browser on their devices so you can earn from the work of thousands. This is LEVERAGE!

You don’t need to know everything about Bitcoin or CryptoTab to start writing articles. I’ve already written a few articles myself and my knowledge of the subject is extremely limited.

The article should serve as a general review of CryptoTab and inform readers of the awesome opportunity it offers. Especially for long-term income growth!

For some ideas, you can take a look at the articles I’ve written to help build my earnings:

These short articles have helped me get more people to join forces with me in building an online Bitcoin mining business without investment.

Like I said, I’m not looking for quick cash with this, I’m thinking “Long-Term” and grabbing as many Bitcoins as I can right now, so if its value shoots to the stars in 5 years or so I’ll be way ahead of the game!

By the way, if you’d like to purchase Bitcoin directly and speed up the growth of your portfolio you can do so by visiting Coinbase.

4) Earn Money Amazon Affiliate Program –

Amazon single handedly transformed online eCommerce.  Millions of people, who would’ve never thought to take out their credit cards for online purchasing, now see it as a normal part of their buying routines.

Thanks to technology, consumers can save time and money by shopping online for the things they can’t find in their local brick-n-mortar stores. A gift in disguise for you!

Did you know that Amazon has an affiliate program where you can sell any of their 562 million products and earn commissions?

So you can write a review of the “Top 5 TV’s Under $1,000“, put in your unique links to the products and if someone makes a purchase you’ll earn a small percentage of the sale.

Paid writing for Amazon is an online job with limitless advantages. First you don’t have to have your own product to sell. You literally have millions to choose from!

Second, you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping products to customers. Amazon does it for you!

The ONLY thing you have to do is write informative articles that assists the reader in making an educated decision on a particular product.

A Second Paid Writing Job To Earn Money From Amazon…

If it’s not enough to earn from referring products, Amazon Kindle provides yet another way to earn money online through digital publishing.

Amazon Kindle is an e-reader device that enables users to buy, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media.

Many smart entrepreneurs have been earning 6 figures and more simply by uploading short e-books into the Kindle marketplace.

Don’t want to write a whole e-book? No problem! There are ways to get other people to do most of the writing for you!

However, once you’ve completed and uploaded your e-book to Kindle, you can make a killing collecting the royalties from sells.

I’ve been hearing many great success stories about people earning $5,000+ publishing tiny e-books on Amazon Kindle. So much so that I’ve added it to my own project list.

If you’d like to grab some detailed training on how to earn money on Kindle, you might be interested in giving K Money Mastery a peak!

5) Freelance Content Marketing Writer –

Last, but most definitely not least, is getting paid as a content marketing writer. This is a fast method to earn money from online jobs as more and more site owners need quality content.

For this job, you’re basically responsible for writing articles to grow other people’s businesses. Bloggers, website owners, and small business owners will hire you to write based for their unique requests.

When writing for others you don’t have to wait for results to get paid, you’ll be compensated as soon as the job is complete. And your pay will be based on how well your article is written.

It may take some promoting to get your first few jobs, but as you build up your clientele, jobs should come a little easier. Repeat customers, 5-star reviews, and positive word of mouth will help immensely with attracting new clients.

You can get started by setting up a profile on sites like Fiverr, Upwork or Freelancer. Three of the most popular websites for landing paid writing jobs.

Paid writing jobs have to grow in demand to feed the internet with content. So rest assured knowing that as an improving content marketing writer your services will be increasingly valuable to anyone trying to build a business online.

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