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What if you I told you that there was a way(s) to make instant money online absolutely free – i.e., legit but without an initial investment?

And no, I’m not kidding or attempting to click-bait you!

As long as you know where to look, what to look for, and how to make the most of online opportunities, you can rake in some good cash at the comfort of your home.

For more on what exactly I’m talking about, read on as I guide you through the hidden gems, of online money making.

Amid these torrid times when countless people are losing jobs and the economy is in turmoil following the COVID-19 crisis, more and more people are exploring alternative incomes sources beyond the conventional 9-5 job.

Even before the pandemic, some of you were probably contemplating side gigs as a way to escape the ‘soul-sucking’ rat race that is 9-5 jobs or to clear student loans.

If you can relate with any of these situations or you just want some extra bucks in your wallet, this blog is tailored for you. Cutting to the chase, here are the best ways to make instant money online absolutely free:

Get Paid To (GPT) Websites

In a nutshell, these are sites that allow you to earn some reasonable money by completing easy offers and tasks. While this definition covers a vast number of niches and services—the most popular and lucrative GPT providers are survey sites.

I say this with confidence as someone who’s explored the niche and never looked backed – Online surveys works and they’re a figurative gold mine waiting to be discovered!

But just like the actual gold mine, making considerable amounts of money demands strategy—but it’s well worth the effort.

How do they work? Survey websites basically partner with a ton of market research companies—who in turn partner with some of the major brands—to gather invaluable market data from real consumers. The consumer (i.e., you, the aspiring online entrepreneur) is paid a compensatory amount for providing honest feedback on the listed products and services.

Below are some of the most lucrative and reliable online survey websites to make instant money online absolutely free.

  1. OfferNation.com

OfferNation is a GPT site that’s under the ownership of 99 Ventures—a company that also owns RewardingWays and Superpay.me. The platform allows you to make money through a long list of paid surveys, sign-up offers through the “offerwall,” downloading apps, referring friends, participating in contests, and making use of promo codes.

To quote one user on Trustpilot—a reliable user review platform—Offernation.com is “the best GPT site I have ever used, I have made over $1000 since I joined them. And very low cash out of just $1 with instant PayPal payments 🙂

Ready to be part of the thriving OfferNation community? Signing up is easy and the service is available worldwide. Payments are sent via Skrill, PayPal, Payza, Bitcoins, or even Amazon gift cards.

  1. Get-Paid

First things first; I have to respect whoever came up with the Get-Paid domain name – it’s catchy, relevant, and downright creative. Just like OfferNation, Get Paid is a GPT site with several earning options—but it mainly offers paid surveys.

You can make some instant money on the site by watching videos, inviting friends (25% of their earnings), joining their WhatsApp group, paid offers, paid surveys, cast contests, cash back after shopping online, posting payment proof, and promo codes.

Even better, the payout threshold is the bare minimum of $1. They get you started with a head start by offering a $0.20 joining bonus.

  1. InboxDollars

If you want some dollars in your inbox (yea, I know that’s a corny statement), InboxDollars is definitely worth a shot. The online survey site is one of the most versatile, convenient, and easy uber-popular ways to make instant money online absolutely free.

As a testament to their exemplary level of service and opportunities offered, InboxDollars is a multi-award winner that’s been in the industry since the turn of the 21st Century.

You earn an instant $5 bonus by signing and go on to earn from a multitude of money-making options. You can either sign up for offers, refer friends, scratch & win, shop online, read/reply to emails, or complete marketing research surveys. The only caveat to InboxDollars is the relatively high payout threshold of $30.

  1. Survey Junkie

The offering of Survey Junkie is spelled out in black and white in the brand name. It’s an online survey platform that allows you to make instant money online absolutely free.

All you have to do is set up an account (which earns you a total of 150 points or $1.5), share your opinions, and cash in!

Possible earning streams on the platform include the joining bonus, paid phone surveys, focus group interviews, product testing, and Survey Junkie surveys.

Keep in mind that the reach of Survey Junkie is limited to a few countries (United States, Canada, and Australia at the time of writing this article).

  1. RewardingWays

RewardingWays is another survey website owned by 99 Ventures. And just like it’s sister companies (Superpay.me and OfferNation), it offers several online advertising money-making opportunities.

This includes completing marketing surveys, watching videos, leveraging promo codes, participating in cash contests (top prize of $1,000 every quarter), referrals, and taking online offers.

The payout threshold is $1 for Skrill and PayPal and $40 for Bitcoin. Top earners earn as much as $700 every month—but to be honest, you’d have to grind and spend considerable hours on the platform to hit such figures.

Other Ways to Make Instant Money Online

While the methods highlighted above are a wonderful way to make instant money online absolutely free, they’re merely a tip of the iceberg. There are tons of other options that I’ll discuss in other posts. But for a snippet they include:

Now, visit one of the sites above and start making instant money online. Your journey to financial freedom starts now!

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