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How to Become a Consumer Product Tester and Reviewer

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Become A Consumer Product Tester

If you enjoy trying out new products and sharing your opinions, becoming a consumer product tester and reviewer could be a dream job for you.

This role allows you to test a wide range of products and provide valuable feedback to companies, helping them improve their offerings.

In this article, we will explore how you can embark on this exciting career path and highlight popular websites that offer jobs as a consumer product tester.

1. Understanding the Role of a Consumer Product Tester

Consumer product testers are individuals who test and evaluate various products on behalf of companies. They provide detailed feedback, highlighting the product’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Their insights help companies refine their products, enhance user experiences, and make informed marketing decisions.

2. Skills and Qualities of a Product Tester

To become an effective product tester and reviewer, certain skills and qualities can greatly benefit you:

a) Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to product features, performance, and user experience is crucial for providing accurate and insightful feedback.

b) Communication Skills: As a product tester, you must be able to articulate your thoughts and experiences effectively through written or verbal reports.

c) Objectivity: It’s essential to approach each product test with impartiality and provide honest and unbiased feedback, regardless of personal preferences.

d) Analytical Thinking: Evaluating products requires critical thinking skills to assess their pros and cons objectively.

3. Popular Websites for Consumer Product Testing Jobs

To kickstart your journey as a consumer product tester, consider exploring the following popular websites that frequently offer product testing opportunities:

a) Amazon Vine – Amazon Vine invites trusted reviewers to test and review products across a wide range of categories. It is an exclusive program with an application process, but once accepted, you can receive products for free or at a reduced cost in exchange for your honest feedback.

b) Influenster – Influenster is a community-driven platform that offers product testing campaigns. By engaging with the platform, participating in surveys, and leaving reviews, you increase your chances of being selected for future testing opportunities.

c) Smiley360 – Smiley360 provides opportunities for product testing and sampling. By sharing your experiences and spreading the word about the products you’ve tested, you can earn points and unlock additional testing opportunities.

d) Toluna – Toluna offers a variety of consumer testing opportunities. By completing surveys, you can qualify for product testing campaigns and receive products to evaluate and review.

e) BzzAgent – BzzAgent is a product testing platform that connects brands with consumers willing to provide feedback. After signing up, you can participate in campaigns and receive products to try, review, and share with your social network.

4. Developing a Strong Online Presence

Building a strong online presence can increase your chances of being selected as a consumer product tester. Consider these strategies:

a) Start a Blog or YouTube Channel: Create a platform where you can share your experiences, reviews, and recommendations. This can demonstrate your expertise and attract the attention of brands seeking product testers.

b) Engage on Social Media: Follow brands, join relevant groups, and actively participate in conversations related to product testing and reviewing. Engaging with companies and other reviewers can expand your network and opportunities.

c) Write Detailed Reviews: Whether it’s on e-commerce platforms, review websites, or social media, writing informative and well-thought-out reviews can help showcase your reviewing skills to potential employers.


Becoming a consumer product tester and reviewer is an exciting way to test and review a diverse range of products while providing valuable insights to companies.

By honing your skills, leveraging popular websites, and developing a strong online presence, you can increase your chances of securing product testing opportunities.

Remember, your opinions can make a difference, influencing the development and improvement of products that consumers rely on every day.

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