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How To Sell Something On The Facebook Marketplace?

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Before we start revealing the most effective ways on how to make money selling on Facebook marketplace and jotting down some secrets that would inexorably increase the profit margins, let us help you form a clear idea of what Facebook marketplace is and how it works.

Owing to the vast reach and effectiveness of Facebook, in the present day, more and more brands are getting magnetized towards the platform to sell their products to the target audience. If statistics are to be believed, as recorded in 2019, more than 900 million global internet users used the Facebook marketplace to browse through their needs and subsequently, buy or sell items.

This, therefore, served the retailers with an opportunity to expand their realms and pitch for the sales of their products in a place where consumers are already looking to buy things.

Remember that you will not be avail to avail the facilities furnished by the Facebook marketplace unless you are listed there, although it is a free feature. This brings us to the next most important question, how to get to the Facebook marketplace?

How to get to the Facebook marketplace?

There are a few boxes on the checklist that must be ticked off first to get listed on the Facebook marketplace. If you are unable to find the option, one of the following things must be going wrong:

  • Facebook marketplace is not available in your region – Currently, the Facebook marketplace is available only in 70 countries and yours might not be one of those.
  • You are not eligible yet – the Facebook marketplace can be accessed by people who are 18 years or older.
  • Not everything you have listed complies with Facebook’s policy – Probably you must have listed something that goes against Facebook’s policy. To make sure that you have all the right items on the catalog, go to the “marketplace” option and request a “review”.
  • You are new to Facebook – If you are comparatively new to Facebook, chances are, you will be barred from capitalizing on the features of the marketplace. This is essentially Facebook’s strategy of reducing the number of potential scammers who persistently create and delete accounts to sell the same items for which they have been banned previously.
  • You don’t use marketplace from your profile as much – For the uninitiated, Facebook relies on algorithms to monitor the groups, applications, and pages you visit the most. If you don’t explore the buying and selling pages that often, you are less likely to come across the marketplace option.

If you have all these requisites in place, and the marketplace option is still not visible, you can try to resort to any of these recourses delineated down below.

  • Reinstall the app or log out from your account

First off, give the most practical and easiest solution a try; log out from your Facebook account temporarily or, uninstall and reinstall the application.

  • Change the location

As we have already mentioned before, the glitch in your account regarding the “marketplace” option can be caused because of your location. Change the location fed in your Facebook profile by clicking on “settings”, followed by “Language and Region”.

  • Use the account frequently

If you have set up your Facebook account only recently, ensure that you are active on the site. With active, we are not asking you to be online all the time but, sharing photos and videos, commenting and liking posts, adding friends, engaging in groups, and more.

Also, the fact that you will have to be more than 18 years old to gain authorization to the Facebook marketplace goes without saying.

How to sell something on the Facebook marketplace?

If you aren’t familiar with the process of selling something on the Facebook marketplace then let us tell you that it is not only easy but, comes with a string of dynamic advantages.

The most glaring benefit of utilizing the features of the Facebook marketplace relates to personalized customer experience. As opposed to the notion of aiming in the dark, Facebook Marketplace will allow you to connect with the group of customers whose prospects of buying something from you is more than the others.

Additionally, on this platform, you will be able to gauge the meticulousness of your competitors as well; track the latest trends, prices, offers and inventory of products yielded by your contemporaries and accordingly, fabricate your bets so that you can make certain that you are using every opportunity to confirm more and more purchases.

  • Click on the “marketplace” option exhibited on the menu bar of your Facebook profile.
  • After reaching the screen, click on the “sell something” button that will open a pop-up window for you to sell the product.
  • Next, click on the “Item For Sale” tab which will redirect you to a screen where you can list your items, select their category, enter the prices, and other details that your customers would find relevant.
  • Click on the “next” button and you will be asked to choose the groups that you would like the items to be posted in.
  • Click on “post” and your job will be done. The buyers from the group will get back to you if they find something interesting.

In order to make things a tad easier, in the section below, we will be noting down the sure-shot ways of making it big on the Facebook marketplace.

  • Conduct a thorough research

The most important part of setting up a store on any podium is being acquainted with all its intricacies and here, Facebook is no exception. Instead of plunging into the filed with your ideas, form a list of your items and explore through the prices that are being presently offered.

Naturally, you will have an infinite pool of competition waiting for you but, to find your way out, scrupulously analyze the demand and then do whatever lies within your capacity to place your products higher than those offered by your counterparts. Slash prices, affix unparalleled discounts, and reserve attractive offers for new and loyal customers who are choosing you over everybody else.

  • Price the items right

Taking into account the prices quoted by your competitors while carrying out the research is undoubtedly, the most vital bit. Aim at striking the perfect balance because if the amount is too low, people might get suspicious about the quality and its source of manufacture and on the other hand, if the items are tagged at a price that is too high, your customers will keep the option off their wish list.

  • Make the products look good

Facebook is principally a visual platform and there cannot be two ways about it. Thus, to make your mark in a pre-existing market, you will have to guarantee that the posts waiting to be uploaded are fortified with enough time, effort, and a bit of investment.

For instance, there is definitely a wide array of free picture and video editing applications in the market but, not all of them work in the same manner.  Photo editors that come with in-app purchases are bound to render you with high-quality pictures and filters that are unique and will inevitably make the posts stand out from the rest.

When your target audience is scrolling through the marketplace, they will only pause and pay attention to your content if something instantly catches their attention like a well-curated video or, stunning photograph. Stuff the posts with the most-searched keywords and list the items separately so that viewers find it easy to make their decisions.

  • Engage more

To be a part of the market that has been thriving for years now, you will have to be a part of the predominant network of buyers who know their craft and can even help you get in touch with buyers looking for the items that you are selling.

Advertise your label across all the other social networking sites as much as possible, encourage people to share your posts and, most importantly, build a distinctive brand style for your products and listing images. From the standpoint of experience, we would suggest you engage more with your customers.

Ask them to share their opinions and feedbacks and answer their queries and messages promptly. People who do not buy stuff from websites and internet marketplaces believe that the sellers lack credibility and might fail to live up to their expectations considering the absence of a physical medium of contact.

We don’t want you to be a part of this group of sellers who have led to the tailoring of this false image. Because you are starting out and people don’t know you as yet, prioritize your audience.

Interact with them as much as possible and solve the issues that they might have with your products. Rather than solely flaunting the positive comments, appoint a team that would diplomatically tackle the criticism. This would improve brand coherence in the longer-run and inculcate faith and reliability in your customer’s mind.

What sells best on the Facebook marketplace?

To answer this question in the most simple and straightforward way, we will have to stay anything that looks appealing and worthy of investment. Fundamentally, there are ten categories under which you can segregate the items you are willing to sell and they are:

  • Electronics
  • Deals
  • Entertainment
  • Hobbies
  • Home and Garden
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Classifieds
  • Family
  • Housing
  • Vehicles

Shoppers, when searching for their desired products, can either view all the categories at once, point out a few or, simply type the name of a product with the relevant keywords.

As per our understanding and experience, things that can be photographed or, has innumerable dependable ratings and reviews pinned under them, will inescapably sell the best.

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