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How To Buy Push Notification Advertising And Traffic?

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Before we dive into discussing the growing importance of push notifications and how advantageous it can turn out to be for your business, let us form an overview of its underlying concept.

Push notifications are essentially a means of advertising that permits websites and applications to notify their subscribed users via really short text messages that contain a link or banner.

The popularity of both browser and app push notifications are swelling by the day and justifiably so. On the surface level, the messages you sent through push notifications can be directly sent to a device that has internet access and according to statistics, the open rate of these pieces of notifications is way higher than regular text messages and e-mails.

The best part about push notifications lies in the fact that unlike their counterparts, these messages can never be tucked away in the spam box thereby, automatically increasing their reach and effectiveness. In order to help you understand better, in the following segment, we will be jotting down the chief benefits of relying on push notifications to improve the credibility of your business.


  • Increase in traffic

The first and the most glaring advantage of turning to push notifications is that it will increase the traffic on your website in no time. From the moment your subscriber base starts growing after the campaign launch, your return traffic will proliferate because as we have already mentioned in the preceding section, push notifications are hard to ignore. The good news is, push notifications can multiply the click-through rate (CTR) on a website by a whopping 30%, if capitalized on diligently.


  • Audience segmentation

Gone are those days when people fell for the “one-size-fits-all” policy; in the modern world, if you are looking forward to leaving an everlasting impression on your customers, you will have to tailor advertising strategies that comply with their unique sets of needs. Signing up for a push notification service can help you get through the rudiments of messaging. Whenever you have a new subscriber on your website, all credentials regarding his preferences, choices, age group, geographical location and the like will be recorded so that they can be later segmented and utilized to form messages that would persuade the customer to click on it and get redirected to your desired webpage.


  • Increased conversion rate

Besides expanding website traffic, push notifications also play an influential role in increasing the conversion rate. Push technology is nothing like those painful “on-the-face” advertisements; they promote a product gradually. They encourage subscribers to return to your website time and again hence, implying that you will gain a lot of loyal customers in the long run.


If you are new to this domain and do not know where to start from, we will try to support you to gather the stepping stones leading to the path of buying push notification advertising and traffic. is one such platform that is trusted by more than 10,000 companies from every corner of the world for automatically segmenting and sending web push notifications to their target audience. Their chief characteristics include revenue tracking through which you can manage the ROI of your campaigns, competitive pricing, inventory alert that notifies the customers whenever something on your website is back in stock, and triggered notifications which will let you create cart abandonment and monitor campaigns with the help of push notifications.

Some of the platform’s supported browsers for web push notification traffic include Google chrome for web, Firefox for web, and mobile, Safari for web, Chrome for Android, Edge for web, Opera for web, and many more.

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