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Would you like to submit ideas for money?

If your answer is YES, then we would love for you to join our team!

ULiveUSA is currently building a team of Community Event Idea Creators and if you’re interested, you can easily get paid for ideas online.

If you can come up with AMAZING ideas people would pay money for then we’d be excited to add you to our team and you’ll get paid for your ideas.

What Is ULiveUSA?

ULiveUSA is an online resource for local communities all over the world, but particularly in the U.S.

Our goal is to help residents and businesses of local communities see the power of hosting small local events as a way to build relationships, solve social issues, and make money.

Through years of research, we have found that hosting small community events is beneficial in many ways:

* Great events can unite local communities.
* Any resident of a community can host a small event and make money.
* Events get people of neighborhoods talking.
* Business owners can boost their sales and income with events.
* Internet tools like videos, webinars, podcasts and digital products can greatly improve the profits of an event.
* Events can bring awareness to social issues within a community.
* Hosting events can make a great “Side-Hustle” business for entrepreneurs.
* Hosting events is extremely flexible. You can make money in your spare time!

We want to create new ideas for community events that use both Live & Digital experiences.

In other words… how can we use the internet and the tools it provides, to get more residents to experience & contribute to their local community?

We need great Live & Digital event ideas such as:

  • Event ideas that local industry businesses can use to increase profits.
  • Creative event ideas for major local business markets like restaurants, automotive, HVAC, real estate, professional services, etc…
  • Nonprofit organization event ideas that can help raise funds and build awareness.
  • General community event ideas that will offer an exciting experience to residents.
  • 100% Digital event ideas and products that local residents can attend online through webinars, video courses, podcasts and more.
  • Events that use both Live & Digital components, like a special video series or show that can eventually be performed live on stage at a community theater.

We’ll Pay YOU For Your Ideas!

Do you think you can create extraordinary community event ideas? If so, we’ll pay you cash directly to your PayPal account.

Here’s how to get paid for ideas online with ULiveUSA:

1) Event Entrepreneur Training – To have a good understanding of the types of ideas we’re searching for it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you download our eBook The Event Entrepreneur.

This eBook offers a quick and easy one-time training that will allow you to get the information needed to form your community event ideas.

The Event Entrepreneur eBook will detail and give ideas on how to use the internet to create Live & Digital events in local communities. In order to get paid for your ideas, they must first follow the processes found in the eBook.

2) Submit Ideas For Money – Once you have a good understanding of Live & Digital event creation as an Event Entrepreneur, you can then begin submitting your new ideas.

Your idea submission needs to be at least 500 words describing the details of your event idea and how it should be executed.

Send an email to support@ulivewv.com to let us know you’d like to submit an idea. We will then open a free account where your submission can be reviewed and approved for payment.

3) Get Paid For Ideas Online ($10+) – After your submission has been approved you will get paid directly to your PayPal account.

Your pay will depend greatly on the quality of your idea, however, payment will be no less than $10.

We are more than willing to pay $50 to $100 for exceptional community event ideas that lay out a complete Live & Digital event strategy.

So now you can stop looking for companies that pay for ideas. We’ll pay you to help us provide new ideas to local communities.

Not only will you get paid for your ideas, but you’ll also be giving people of local communities fresh event plans that they can use to grow!

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