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Buying From Alibaba and Selling On Amazon FBA

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Buying From Alibaba Selling On Amazon

One of the most important thing to consider whenever you want to utilize a business platform is to pay close attention to every single aspect of the business procedures. Of such is selling products on Amazon and likewise importing products from Alibaba.

If you already have stock ideas on how to start Amazon FBA business and the products you wish to sell, the next step is to source for the product on Alibaba because amongst all they are one of the best places you can get your products safely.

In this light, this article will highlight the major things you need to know about getting your products and tips on how to sell effectively on Amazon FBA.

Beyond what you might have heard over time about sourcing for products on Alibaba, buying from Alibaba and selling on Amazon FBA is one of the few secrets of making real profits and growing a successful business.

Inasmuch as this article will advise you on the things to do, you still own the final choice to follow the tips or rather ignore.

Selling on Amazon FBA does not only require that you have enough capital, knowing and having enough intellectual resources is very important to making successful transactions and sales on Amazon FBA.

Things to know when buying from Alibaba. The list of things under this subtopic will show you the things to take note anytime you plan to buy from Alibaba.

  1. You can always negotiate with sellers from Alibaba.

If you belong to the class of people that presumes a non-negotiating policy with sellers from Alibaba, then you have to change your mindset. Everything is negotiable with sellers from Alibaba.

In this case always ensure you are not exaggerating when negotiating with any seller. Your sole goal should not be to get the better deal but to get a fair deal. In doing this, you must also be careful not to downplay to ridiculous extent.

However, in cases whereby they succumb to your low price, it is possible you get inferior quality for your products. The best thing to do is to make price comparison such that you will be able to state the competitive prices to the supplier you are negotiating with.

Quality and less profit margin is better than have ingredients a reduced quote for a less quality product. In all you must state and specify your products in full details, these includes the size, color, material and tolerance.

  1. Avoid scam and frauds.

Getting suppliers on Alibaba is very easy but getting a certified and authentic one is one of the most difficult task of buying on Alibaba.

This is due to the alarming rate of suppliers whose aim is to scam you of your money, more reasons why you need to be careful and vigilant.

Although scam and fraudulent activities can never be completely eliminated in Alibaba, there are little precautions you a can heed in order to be on a safer side. The following tips will definitely help you in sourcing for products.

  1. Make an adequate research on the company you would like to purchase from. Ensure you check their website and other related social media handles.To further get results, you can add the word scam to the search keywords. This will enable you to see their previous dealings with people they might have scammed in the past. And if they are real, you will get to see their export records on the search results.
  2. Always ensure you buy from gold suppliers and also suppliers with Trade Assurance
  3. Shop on a wider range of selection. Perhaps if theirs is cheaper than everyone else, then they are more or less an uncertain supplier.
  4. Pay close attention to e-mail addresses. Check if the email is “@gmail” or “@companyname”? An e-mail sent from is very uncertain because special economic zones don’t use free e-mail accounts.
  5. Check out their professionalism level, If they are a real and secured manufacturer, their quote will be more detailed and professional.
  6. Always ensure Onsite Check and Assessed Supplier as this is very important, but not 100% necessary.
  7. Always request for a sample. Every sample received should be provided for free. You are only to pay for the shipping.
  8. Before they send the sample to you, ask for pictures. If what you get does not match up with the pictures, ask for a refund through PayPal using the pictures as evidence.
  9. Ensure you ask for customer references. It is impolite to ask for customer references at the beginning, but after they quote, you can do it before you pay. To be on the safe side, you can contact the references to learn more about how they work.

If you want to sell effectively on Amazon FBA always avoid buying and selling less quality products. Moreover, Alibaba is not a legitimate source for branded products.

Alibaba is meant for generic goods where you research to ensure that the item wasn’t patented by a brand already.

It’s not a legitimate source to purchase branded inventory from because if you see something branded available on Alibaba that belongs to a national brand, these are counterfeit goods which could land you in jail if you decided to sell them.

Always be aware of these things. They are pivotal to your Amazon productivity.

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