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Black Digital Marketers – 3 Power Trends For Reaching African American Consumers.

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Online companies are becoming overwhelmingly conscious of the statistics proving that Indigenous African Americans hold undeniable power and influence over brand appeal.

An article titled The Power of the African American Audience stated that 87% use the internet and 91% own smartphones. Making black consumers an accessible target for businesses.

In fact, this knowledge has pressed many large corporations that recognize black consumer power to allocate more of their marketing budgets towards positioning their brands smack in front of the black consumer.

What’s baffling to me is why black digital marketers are failing to take full advantage of this practically untouched market.

Not only is there money to be made in reaching African American consumers exclusively, but in successfully doing so black marketers will send the message to all other industries that they NEED to take notice of the importance in developing unique services/products for the black demographic.

Market acceptance creates value for you and the market you’re serving. Once an industry catches wind that there’s value in a segment, more money will flow towards it.

In our capitalistic society, driving up the competition to gain the attention of the African American consumer will benefit the black community as a whole.

Now let me get back on subject… of the research completed online, I’ve come across only a few black digital marketers with niche products targeting African American Consumers specifically.

One of the best I’ve stumbled upon is Dante Lee and his site Urban Ebooks. Visit his site and you’ll find multiple ebook titles covering various subjects that are of value to African Americans.

I also discovered many blogs written for the black audience and that’s great, but most have fallen short by not creating a distinctive digital product that would absolutely set fire to their online sales revenue.

For example, weight loss is and has always been a very competitive topic online.

So I figured there must be at least one black digital marketer working in this space.

I Googled “Weight Loss for Black Women” and I was excited to find that there were quite a few black owned blogs on the subject.

Digging a bit deeper I found 3 blogs that offered their own digital ebooks on weight loss, which was extremely reassuring to me.

This is a perfect example of picking a broad category “weight loss”; defining a niche that focuses on a specific black audience within the category “black women”; and delivering rich content that might eventually persuade said audience into purchasing a more thorough & informative digital product on the subject.

Although there were a few unused marketing strategies that could’ve dramatically scaled up the profitability of their products, these black digital marketers are definetly on the right path.

Another black digital marketer who’s passionately empowering African American women is Rosetta Thurman with Happy Black Woman.

She’s transformed her blogging business into a full blown motivational and consultancy company that assists black women entrepreneurs with living an abundant lifestyle.

Her journey is one that all black digital marketers should aspire to!

Starting with just an idea for a blog, she was able to build a thriving business by writing books, developing online courses, becoming a motivational speaker, author and consultant. All while serving her audience of black women. Absolutely FASCINATING!

Believe me… There’s no shortage of category niches for serving the Black American market. It’s quite frankly an untapped well just waiting to be unearthed.

With just a little research and work, you too can use digital marketing to deliver quality products and services to the African American consumer.

So What is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia,

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

If you take into consideration that, compared to other demographics of people, African Americans spend the most time using digital media; you would think that black digital marketers would have the market on lock.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. At the time of me writing this, there are very few black entrepreneurs who specialize in the development of quality digital assets online. (But online is where the black audience is!)

I am 100% for African Americans starting black owned businesses in their community, we need those too.

But seeing as how 50% of black owned business startups close their doors within the fifth year due to overhead expenses and lack of funding, it seems to make more financial sense to wholeheartedly launch a low overhead digital business first and once a steady income has been achieved, expand or start an offline business.

In saying that here’s a glimpse at 3 powerful trends that black digital marketers can use to gain the attention of African American consumers.

1) Digital Product Development

Product development can take on many forms; campaigns, ebooks, courses, webinars, podcasts, etc. However the thing that remains constant is that a digital product is planned, packaged and promoted.

Unlike a website where you regularly post new content, a digital product narrowly drills into a defined topic with a set amount of modules, chapters or sections that support the topic.

An eBook is the most popular digital product online. Anyone can write a short eBook about a topic and sell it for $5 to $10 to hundreds of people and earn thousands in profit using the leverage of digital marketing.

The key to building a digital empire is to write multiple eBooks, sell them to thousands and earn millions.

It’s easier said than done, and does take hard work, but what doesn’t?

If you feel intimidated by writing, you can produce a video series, live webinars or even educational podcast courses for your target market.

The best thing about digital marketing is that you can choose the method you like to deliver great content to your audience.

And if you have a little money to invest, you can outsource the work to a black freelancer to do it for you.

2) Digital Event Marketing & Planning

This takes some extra work, but the payoff can be well worth it.

If you enjoy more engagement with your customers, digital event marketing is for you!

People of all makeups enjoy a good event, especially Black Americans. And effective digital marketing will help you increase attendance while demanding a fair, yet profitable, price for entry.

The problem I see with most events is that the organizer begins by creating the actual event and then, as a final thought, throws together a terrible marketing plan.

The process should be reversed. First design a strategic digital marketing plan and only after you’ve received overwhelming response, organize an amazing event experience.

Done this way, you eliminate the risk of mediocre attendance.

By implementing a digital event marketing plan, you can quantify what your attendance will be long before the date of the event.

This means that you’ll need to allot at least 90+ days prior to the event date for proper promotion.

What’s great about events is that,  unlike starting a business, each event has a known beginning and end. Most span just a single day. So if you fail, you can easily pick yourself up, figure out what didn’t work and try again.

What types of events can you try?

There are limitless possibilities, but a few good ideas are; bus trips to concerts or other attractions, festivals, seminars, black trade shows, events for children or pets and on and on.

Digital Subscriber And List Building3) Digital Subcriber & List Building

If you’re going to be successful as a black digital marketer it’s imperative that you know how to build a list of potential customers.

The mantra of digital marketing has always been and will always be “The money is in the list.”

Collecting a responsive list of emails, texting phone numbers, YouTube subscribers or social media followers is core to the success of any digital marketer.

You simply can’t sell something if you have no one to sell it to.

This is why every black digital marketer should make the investment of getting a good lead generation program such as Clickfunnels or something equivalent based on your goals.

If you want digital marketing to be your business, then there’s zero excuse for not having a program that will catapult you to the top.

Marketers who build engaging lists lead the industry. They have the ability to sell their own digital products and the products of others through affiliate marketing.

Lists are digital gold that enable the owner to communicate relative solutions to their subscribers Instantly, with the click of a button.

It will take some time to build one within the niche you choose, but once you have it, the sky’s the limit!

Just think about how much you could earn if you had 5,000 subscribers who are interested in “black hair products”, and you popped out a quick email sharing a new hair product that your African American recipients could purchase.

If just 2% took action, you would have 100 sales from a single email.

Taking it a step further, if you earned just $10 from each sale that would be $1000 profit! That’s LEVERAGE!

I hope the ideas that I’ve mentioned above give you some insight on why you NEED to become a committed black digital marketer and reaching African American consumers.

If you’d like to learn more techniques & strategies for building your own digital business I invite you to download my free ebook titled The Event Entrepreneur.

May God Bless You!

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