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Amazon Units Per Box Configuration

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Amazon Units Per Box Configuration

Amazon units per box configuration of a product unit is essential to selling online, particularly on Amazon.

The packaging ways and criteria have been set up already, and it is advisable to follow the set ways to avoid rejection of shipments.

Amazon has decided that each unit should be tailored in a way that will carry a label that contains the shipment id, SKU quality and the quantity of a group.

Although it is an extra fee for sellers, it helps the shipment to be received faster than one without a configuration setting and get transported easily.

Sellers who provide unit configurations on Amazon have reported an improved efficiency in the selling and transporting of their products, and it has ensured a balance of inventory records.

When making a shipment, it is essential to follow a way already decided in configuring your shipment and this will make record keeping easier. It will be easy to check a shipment configured in a box than one in several, boxes.

After configuring your Amazon shipment accordingly, you will then provide the information in a web format after receiving a box configuration for each unit. If any of the provided boxes contain a different number of units, weights, dimensions or expiration dates, you can add to it to replenish it.

After initiating and confirming the Amazon units per box configuration, the next step is to upload the details of the unit configuration on an excel spreadsheet. Add the number of boxes in your shipment by making use of excel file format from the drop-down box.

Download the pack list guide by clicking on download pack list command. Make a list of the number of units per box, the particulars, and measurements, and then save it safely on a folder.

After saving it, upload it on the completed list segment.

You can also give your box content details to Amazon to manage, but Amazon charges up to 0.10 per units through the period of January-October and $0.15 from November and December.

In the process of configuring or packaging your Amazon products, some situations may arise, and rejection of shipments is part of it.

This may be a case of configurations and packaging that doesn’t correlate with the set standards and will be returned to the owner. If the shipment is damaged too, it will be returned. Merchant damage is a situation in which any inventory that is delivered to Amazon service center in bad condition will be taken care of by it which is a loss on the part of Amazon.

These kinds of shipments are returned to the owner even if they have been configured already to forestall Merchant damage and costs.

Box content information

Providing adequate and accurate box content details ensures the proper and correct inventory of your products and helps it become readily available for sale on Amazon.

In a situation, you are unable to configure your products early, and couldn’t provide the right information, ensure that:

  • The contents configured in each box consist of only a shipment ID; it is not advisable to join different items from multiple shipments in the same box.
  • The shipment ID can be found on the summary page for each shipment box.

The details of the shipment in your seller account must match or correlates with the ones you shipped physically to the fulfillment center such as merchant SKU, conditions, quantity shipped, FNSKU and the packing arrangements reached.

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