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4 Reasons You Should Stop Job Hunting – Jobs Martinsburg WV

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Let’s start by addressing the most important concern head-on…


How can you stop job hunting if you have bills to pay and people to feed & clothe?

If this is your situation then you should, by all means, continue your hunt. But in addition to your hunt, please consider the fact that the short-term benefits of landing a job will not help you sustain long term. (For reasons that will be explained throughout this article.)

We highly recommend, that once you’ve completed your hunt and stabilized your income situation, to utilize the information in this article and begin your journey of becoming less and less dependent on a single source of income.

If your situation isn’t as urgent as the one above, you’ll want to stop looking for a job immediately and consider the reasons below:

1) Jobs are a thing of the past-

Believe it or not, “Jobs” as they were known in the past, hardly exist any longer. 45+ years ago jobs were incredibly dependable and provided nearly all the basic necessities one needed to support their families.

One could be fairly confident and have “Peace of Mind” that as long as they delivered good work, their job was going to be there for as long as they needed it.

Today the market has become increasingly unstable with layoffs, downsizing, and firings. The days of 50 year job anniversaries are quickly dwindling.

However, there’s a reason for the volatile conditions of the job market and it has a lot to do with recent advancements in technology.

Companies both large and small are incorporating newly developed software, artificial intelligence and robotics to increase production and save on the costs of employment. Even fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s and Wendy’s are replacing workers with self-service kiosks.

There’s no foreseeable end to technology pushing human beings out of the job market. And this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Actually, here’s a reason to be excited by it…

2) Technology produces BETTER ALTERNATIVES to jobs-

Once you realize that you don’t have to be a victim to technology, you’ll begin learning new ways to make it work for you.

Technology is a GREAT THING! Who says that large corporations are the only ones capable of using it to make more money? With the right knowledge, you can learn how to leverage technology to enable you to work fewer hours and make more money.

It will take you changing your perspective on “working for a living”, but the temporary unfamiliarity will be worth the long-term gains.

It’s really the “starting point” that is the most complicated. Most people find it hard to wrap their mind around the idea that they could actually use technology to do something they truly ENJOY doing. Yet this is THE MOST IMPORTANT point.

It’s so important because you’ll literally be starting your own business. And when starting a business, you’ll need to be doing something that you LOVE DOING, because there WILL BE rough times. If you can’t get through the rough times, your business will not succeed and you’ll make an undesired return to job hunting.

So what common technological alternatives are there to jobs? Well, you can…

  • Buy and sell stuff online
  • Start a blog/website
  • Develop online properties
  • Create digital products
  • Provide freelance services
  • Manage social media for clients
  • Sell photography or video services
  • Produce digital entertainment

This is just the tip of the iceberg. You literally have endless possibilities when generating income online. We cover many great ideas on our post, “5 Untapped Income Trends Completely Overlooked by Martinsburg Residents”.

It’s not easy and won’t happen overnight, but if you give yourself just ONE YEAR of hard work, you’ll see worthwhile results.

Think about it… how many years would/have you give/given of yourself for the growth of someone else’s business?

3) Traditional jobs fail to supply multiple income sources –

You could always work multiple jobs, but that’ll put you on the fast track to exhaustion. That’s exhaustion in your individual life and your family life.

Having multiple income sources is crucial if you want to THRIVE financially in today’s economy. Being totally dependent on one source of income puts you in a desperate and submissive position. Even if you’re earning a lucrative income, you’re still at the mercy of your employer.

With technology, the Internet, in particular, you can build a business that has multiple clients, that can purchase multiple products as many times as they’d like. If one client decides not to use your services, you’ll have enough other clients that will support you while you work to find more.

If your Internet business has been set up correctly, this process can be completely automated. Meaning you can focus your time and energy on other endeavors while your “Internet Income Machine” works hands-free.

Mainly what the Internet can offer you is LEVERAGE. Instead of you having to physically do work over and over and over again, you can do it JUST ONCE and let the online system take if from there.

When you learn how to set up “income systems” online, you can launch as many as you’d like to build your income to the level, that fits your lifestyle.

Again, this is not easy. But with a ONE YEAR commitment and a little trial & error, you will see progress. Don’t you owe it to yourself to invest at least ONE YEAR doing something you’ll enjoy?

4) ULiveWV helps Martinsburg WV residents develop income online –

Maybe you’ve read through this entire article and have determined that you’d like to learn how to use the Internet to make money. ULiveWV has created a couple solutions for residents of Martinsburg and surrounding cities of the Eastern Panhandle to begin establishing their own businesses by working as independent freelancers.

As a Freelance Media Specialist, you can earn an income by promoting the campaigns of local small businesses. Using a blog/website, the Internet and social media you can get paid to get the word out about great offers provided by Martinsburg businesses. No special skills are needed other than familiarity with using the internet.

As a Digital Entertainment Developer, your job would be to use your UNIQUE TALENTS to create promotional media for small businesses. You can take just about ANY passion or idea that you have and transform it into a creative promotional strategy that small businesses could use on social media.

Hopefully, you’ll seriously consider eliminating the job hunting and moving forward with “hiring” the Internet as a way to generate income.

If you need income IMMEDIATELY this WILL NOT be your best choice. But if you have ONE YEAR to invest in a new venture that could change your life in the long term, you should DEFINITELY give it a try.

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