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Used Auto Dealer Martinsburg WV – Why Cascade Cars Are The Best!

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Looking to buy a used car or truck? It is normal to be apprehensive because you don’t know if the vehicle will be in good condition, and also worth the price you have to shell out.

Warranty is another concern that is common among potential buyers. But Cascade Auto Sales in Martinsburg WV puts all your worries to rest because we’re a used auto dealer with a wide array of cars and trucks in great condition, with a bunch of features and varied price range, and cater to customers with different tastes and preferences.


Low Owner Trade-ins


When vehicles change hands, it doesn’t necessarily mean the car will be in poor condition, but a one owner trade-in ensures the damage caused is lessened to a considerable degree.

Many of the vehicles at our dealership come from a single owner, and hence we can deliver a car in fine condition. Even if it needs repairs, it will be minor ones that don’t cost a fortune, so it is a win-win deal!


Thorough Service Check


Even though a car looks good from the outside, there could be defects that can’t be spotted at a glance. It is extremely annoying when you buy a car that “seems great”, but starts causing problems from the very first time you take it for a spin!

To ensure it doesn’t happen, we conduct a detailed servicing before declaring the vehicle to be “lot ready”. Since we deal in used cars and trucks, it is imperative to subject them to service checklists before they hit the lot in order to verify that they are in excellent condition, and can be passed onto a new owner.

As a used auto dealer, Martinsburg, WV, we do our best to service the customer for complete satisfaction.


Extended Warranties


Car components might require attention at any given time. For instance, engine and transmission repairs can often cost you thousands of dollars.

This is where an extended auto warranty proves to be immensely useful as it offers better comprehensive coverage. It actually entails future savings since extended warranties are like financing potential repairs at low costs.

At Cascade Auto Sales, we offer extended warranty on every purchase of used vehicles. Apart from that, you have your pick of options from numerous extended warranty packages, so you know for sure that your newly purchased vehicle is safe and secure in future.


Relaxed Financing Options


Most dealerships would turn you away if they check your credit score and see that it is poor, but that won’t be the case when you come to us.

As a used auto dealer (Martinsburg, WV), we have always got your back!

We offer flexible financing options for both good and bad credit – your worthiness as a customer won’t be judged based on your credit rating.

For those who fall into the former category, we have excellent competitive rates that will fall within your budget.

But if your credit score isn’t that great, and you are looking for an opportunity to build it without seeking help from a “buy here pay here” dealership (not a good idea), you have come to the right place, as we have professionals with prior experience in this area, to assist you.


Valuing Trade-ins


Do you possess a vehicle that you wish to trade in? Not sure how to proceed? Worried about getting the best price? At Cascade Auto Sales, we inspect your car from top to bottom and based on its condition, offer a reasonable price, so the process of purchase becomes easier and smoother.

We prioritize all customers equally – customer satisfaction is one of the key factors why we have succeeded in building a solid reputation, so you can be certain about getting a fair price.


No Obligation Purchase


As a used auto dealer, Martinsburg, WV, we realize that every customer is different and has varied requirements – you know what is best suited for your needs, and we are just here to help you get it.

We are firm believers of “zero pressure vehicle purchasing”, so you aren’t obligated to buy a vehicle from our dealership after getting the quote. Buy it if it suits your budget, move on if you don’t like our offer – the decision is totally yours.

At Cascade Auto Sales we offer an awesome customer-focused purchasing experience as a used auto dealer, Martinsburg, WV. We have qualified and hospitable staff members who will guide you through the process whether you wish to buy a used vehicle or trade in your car for a better option.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to schedule your test drive today!

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