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The BEST Business Idea For Teen Entrepreneurs!

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There’s no better time to become an entrepreneur than right now, in your teens!

Your teenage years are the most important years of your life in terms of making smart career decisions.

The decisions to get a job, go to college, or even become an entrepreneur are all predominantly made in your teen years.

And although it may seem overwhelming, now is the best time to pursue those decisions wholeheartedly, as it will ultimately set the course for the rest of your life.

Making the decision to become a teen entrepreneur and starting your own small business is, in my opinion, the best choice a teenager can make, and for multiple reasons.

First, as a teen, have no other major obligations other than developing yourself with the skills and talents you’ll need to create a prosperous life.

Secondly, teenagers will, in most cases, have the unconditional support of parents and other family members. It’s important not to take this for granted because this type of support sometimes dwindles away as you become an adult.

Third, teens have everything to gain as an entrepreneur. There’s really nothing for you to lose by taking entrepreneurship risks right now in your youth. However, as you become an adult you’ll have more and more responsibilities that may hinder your entrepreneurial ventures.

The only problem a teen may have in starting a business is finding small business ideas that don’t require a lot of money to get started. And I’m excited to say that we’ve got you covered!

Imagine a business that you can start very little money or without having to pay anything upfront. A small business that can be built around your own creativity. A business that’s extremely low risk and yet can be high profit. Do I have your attention yet?

This is also a business that you can easily get your parents and family members involved. (Don’t forget, they’re the ones with the money.)

The best thing about this extraordinary business is that it’s not just a “teen business”. You can continue to grow this business well into adulthood and earn a very lucrative income.

OK… Are you ready to know what this AMAZING business is?

It’s Event Entrepreneurship! 

I know it may not sound all that exciting at first mention, but this isn’t your grandma’s events we’re talking about. We’re talking about creative, small, local community events that use both live & digital components. With the main component being digital (The Internet, videos, social media… You know, the fun stuff!)

Your only requirement in making this small business a success is ample creativity.  You, your parents, or even a few of your friends can bounce ideas around and brainstorm event ideas that would be great for your community.  OR… You could work with a few local small businesses in your area and create small events to help them advertise.

Here is a complete example idea based off of a real live/digital event that you can use to get your creative juices flowing:

The Best (Insert food here) Competition:

Get 5 or more local restaurants in your community that are known for having the best… let’s say pizza.

First, organize an online “digital event” using video. 

You or one of your friends can quickly learn how to record and edit professional quality videos with a simple iPhone. This is a skill that’s going to reward you greatly in the Event Entrepreneur business.

The “digital event” will be a series of 5 videos (or depending on the number of restaurants) that you’ll have fully completed prior to launching this event. You will do a short 60 second or less video at each restaurant of the owner sharing why their pizza is the best in town.

You will also need to make an additional “promo video” where you’ll take cuts from the previous videos and edit them together. And to make it even more exciting, you can add a few local residents giving their take on which restaurant has the best pizza!

Second,  setup a promotional sales landing page (this is very easy to do with the right software). 

Your promotional page will display your “promo video” and provide the exciting details about your competition. But mainly, your promotional page will be used to capture the emails of residents who might be interested in participating in this delicious pizza loving experience.

To get the most email signups possible from your promotional page, you’ll need to have a great offer. You might work it out with the participating restaurants to give away 12 free pizzas each. With 5 restaurants giving away 12 pizzas each, you’ll now have the ability to give one lucky person who signed up A Free Year Of Pizza! (That’s a prize that’ll make any pizza lover signup!)

Third, sell entries so residents can taste, judge, and vote on their favorite pizza.

Here’s how it will work… You’ll need to design postcards that have the logo or image representing each of the restaurants.  These postcards will be the “Judges Cards” for your event. Each time a resident or “judge” visit one of the participating restaurants, the server can punch a hole in the logo of that restaurant to show that the pizza tasting was completed at that restaurant.

Next, you’ll need to setup an order page where people can buy their “Judges Cards” online.

A side note: Residents who purchase the “Judges Cards” will get 1 slice of pizza from each restaurant.  The restaurant owner will give the slices away at no cost, as they will see this event as a magnificent way to promote their business. Which means the purchase of the “Judges Cards” is 100% profit to YOU! (Minus the printing of the postcards.)

So the more cards you sell, the more money you’ll make. You should have no problem selling the cards for $8 to $10 a piece. Sell 100 cards at $10 each and make $1,000! You can also sell cards to the restaurants at half price so they can sell them right at their business.

Remember those 5 videos you made in the beginning?  Well here’s where they come into play. You’re going to use them to get people to go to your promotional page that you made.

One at a time, you’re going to post them on Facebook and Youtube. Each time you do, make sure that the restaurants share them on their social media sites as well. And to really get the ball rolling, spend a little money and promote them by boosting the Facebook post. You can even target your ads for people who like pizza!

Now your live/digital event is complete! People will see your videos, share them with friends and go to your promotional page where they’ll see an exciting “promo video” and be able to sign up to participate as a “Judge” and possibly win A Free Years Worth of Pizza! After they signup, they’ll be automatically sent to your order page to buy their “Judges Card”. After they visit all 5 of the restaurants, the back of the card will have an area for them to vote for their favorite pizza and they can send the card to a P.O. BOX address or similar.

That is a full detailed event plan example to help you understand how easy it is to become an Event Entrepreneur.  This plan is based on an actual live/digital event that I ran myself, except it was burgers instead of pizza. You can see the full page press release of the event here.

The only cost was the printing of around 250 postcards. I would say this business is perfect for teens, but I think it speaks for itself.

This is one of the best business ideas for teen entrepreneurs to do in their local community. Think of what you could do by starting a business as a teen Event Entrepreneur. If you’d like more information so you can get started, you can download our eBook The Event Entrepreneur. ..Click Here

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