Martinsburg WV

Self Employed Auto Loans In Martinsburg WV

Being self-employed gives you a lot of flexibility, freedom, and the potential to earn decent coin. But getting a car loan is certainly more challenging for a self-employed person than a regular employee. Regular employees pay their taxes out of every salary and get a W-2 form for each tax year. When you’re not a[…]

Attract More Customers! Get Your Eastern Panhandle Community Business Profile.

Would you like to attract more residents, tourists, and new movers of the Eastern Panhandle to your business or organization? In collaboration with the United States Conference of Mayors (USCF) and SnapNation, ULiveWV is accepting participants in a community-based promotional program that showcases the local businesses and nonprofit organizations of the Eastern Panhandle. This video-powered[…]

Make Money In Martinsburg WV Helping Small Businesses Succeed!

ULiveWV is accepting residents of Berkeley, Jefferson & Morgan Counties to become members of our Panhandle Partner Network. As a Panhandle Partner, you’ll be paid to provide small services/tasks to business owners of Martinsburg WV and the Eastern Panhandle for the growth of their companies. Registering to become a member is absolutely FREE! There are[…]

5 Social Entrepreneurship Ideas and Examples for Your Business Enterprise.

Great social entrepreneurship ideas can be the seeds that blossom into miraculous enterprises which maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. A social enterprise is a business idea that supports the need to solve a social problem in particular communities. It is almost the same as a traditional business idea, and the difference lies in[…]

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