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How to Put Amazon Affiliate Links On Pinterest.

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How to Put Amazon Affliate Links On Pinterest

When it comes to earn money online most of the people think that it is possible only through having a blog site.

But have you ever think that your social media account such as Pinterest can be used to earn money from affiliate marketing program. If you are wondering how you can use the Pinterest account for affiliate marketing.

Is Amazon Allowing The Affiliates To Promote Products Directly Through Pinterest Account?

Pinterest is the best catalog to find better ideas and being used all over the world. But a lot of people may have a question that either Amazon is allowing to place affiliate link directly on Pinterest or not?

So, the answer is “YES.”

Although in the past due to spammers amazon was removed its affiliate links from Pinterest. But now it has become valid to use affiliate links on this platform due to the advanced spam detection system of the Pinterest

What are the main steps to earn money through Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest?

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online if you do not you’re your own products to sell.

You can review a product or pursue your followers to purchase the products through your given link. If you are thinking about the steps that you can use to earn money through affiliate marketing on Pinterest, then the following are the basic steps that you have to follow to start affiliate marketing on Pinterest:

1. Choose your niche according to what is demanding at the present time or according to your interest.

2. Create attractive pins to promote the product that you have chosen for your affiliate program.

3. Design the best pin and place that pin on the relevant board from the collection that you have on your Pinterest profile.

4. Embed your affiliate link to the pin to make it easier for your followers to go to the Amazon’s product directly from your website.

5. Promote your pins in different group boards and ask your friends and followers to repin your posted content to get more traffic on your pins. The more traffic you are going to have on your pins the more customer you will be able to get for your affiliate products.

How to put Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest?

Everyone who is a blogger or not want to know about how to use affiliate links on Pinterest. The following is the procedure to place an Amazon affiliate link on Pinterest:

1. Go to the pin that you have posted to promote your affiliate product.

2. Click on edit the pin.

3. Then you will see a place to insert the link to your website. This is the place where you have to place your affiliate link.

4. And click Save.

Note: To create a text link, you can use Amazon Associates SiteStripe. This created link will include your tracking ID or associate ID. You can copy this link it is because this includes all the required parameters in a proper way and paste that in the website field.

Amazon affiliate Pinterest is helping a lot of people to earn money directly through their Pinterest accounts. As Amazon affiliate links are back on Pinterest, so, you can get this amazing opportunity to earn money with ease.

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