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Event Project: The Digital Pet Marketing Business Idea.

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Are you an entrepreneur who loves pets?

Have you followed the significant growth that the pet industry is currently experiencing? If so, this digital pet marketing business idea is especially for you!

By the way, if you haven’t been following the fascinating growth that’s happening in the pet industry, the APPA (American Pet Products Association) has reported that in 2016 Americans spent an estimated $62.75 Billion on their pets and the projection for 2020 is that the pet industry could hit $96 Billion in sales.

You talk about “Perfect Timing”! Right now is the best time ever to use this digital pet marketing business idea to dramatically increase sales in an existing pet-related business or start up a brand new business.

Below you will find an event project outline for the development of a Digital Pet Marketing Business idea that can be implemented in your own local community.

This outline will provide you with a detailed plan giving you a complete understanding of its objectives, processes, and sources of revenue.

After review, if you’d like to use the project plan to start generating new leads, sales, and income you can contact us, and one of our experienced coaches from The Event Entrepreneur will guide you on how to officially get it up and rolling for your business.

If you’re a small business owner that services the pet industry, we can put this digital pet marketing idea to work for your business absolutely “hands-free”.

We’ll do all the work for you so you can focus on your day-to-day business while we help you attract more sales and customers.

Event Project: The Digital Pet Marketing Business Idea

Objectives –

Create a yearly online (digital) & offline (print) publication or magazine that highlights local pets and their owners.

This exciting event project will initiate a complete social media & print marketing package that will give participating pet businesses exclusive representation to a highly targeted local audience of pet owners, driving more leads & sales.

Funding for your publication will come from looking for sponsorship money from at least 5 or more local pet-related businesses. In return for their investment, they’ll receive immaculate marketing for their businesses.

From the very start and all the way up to the release of the publication; participating businesses will get a full year of quality advertising and exposure.

Additionally, businesses will enjoy a steady stream of relevant content that can be shared with followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks.

Content Concepts To Be Included In The Publication –

To build maximum value & interest, most if not all of the content included in the publication will come from customers of participating businesses and other local pet owners.

Once complete, participating businesses will have exclusive rights to sell the publication at their location or online in the form of a downloadable .pdf file.

For this reason, it is essential that the publication has as many local pet owners collaborate on its development as possible. The more involvement, the more sales that will be generated as a result.

HOT Topics That Could Be Included In The Digital Pet Marketing Publication:

* Pet stories of adventure, courage, and companionship.
* Articles showcasing local pet stars (athletic pets).
* In memory of… stories to remember passed pets.
* Professional photo shots of local pets.
* Video documentaries about owners and their pets.
* Prizes and gift giveaway offers from participating businesses.
* Appreciation articles from businesses to reward their customers.
* Articles about local kids and how they love their pets.

Each of the topics listed above not only represents content but can also be potential revenue sources for the publication.

There are also many other methods that can be used to get local pet owners to join in on the development of the publication that will, in turn, raise the value of the publication.

For instance, we’ve created a powerful method that we like to call “The Branding Collaborative”. It will instantly get pet owners on board and considerably increase the sale of the completed publication at the very least.

The content developed can easily be shared by participating businesses, during the campaign, on social media networks to strengthen relationships with followers.

You may also consider conducting surveys, giveaways, and challenges as a way to promote involvement in the publication.

Marketing & Advertising Strategies of The Digital Pet Marketing Publication:

Developing a quality publication is just the beginning of this special event project.

This single project will open a whole array of marketing strategies that will give participating businesses a superior edge within the local market.

Each business which participates will receive exclusive representation within their specific niche. EX: There will be only ONE pet groomer, pet sitter, dog treat bakery, etc…

It’s exclusivity that makes it possible for the businesses to cross-promote and share customer databases for increased sales opportunities.

Further strategies are as follows…

Email Marketing –

One of the primary focuses of this digital pet marketing business is to build a steadily growing email list of local pet owners.

With a large list of pet owner emails, businesses can deliver special promotions directly to a receptive audience.

Email marketing still tops the list in ROI (return on investment) compared to all other forms of advertising and this project makes implementing it a “hands-free” task for local pet businesses.

Print & Digital Advertisement –

Participating businesses will experience exclusive ad placement within the completed print & digital publication. With digital banners and links driving traffic to business owner’s websites.

Content Creation & Distribution –

Improve the social reputation of local business with quality online content.

During the project, there will be articles, videos, and more produced for and about the businesses participating. This content will be submitted to search engines giving businesses a positive profile and higher rankings.

Social Media Marketing –

As mentioned before, all content created can be shared to business’s social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.

This is an invaluable resource for businesses have a hard time developing shareable information that their followers would be interested in engaging with.

Coop Promotional Events –

Live (in-person) events allow the people, and pets, of the community to interact with businesses.

Even though it’s primarily digital, this pet marketing event project can be used to inspire new pet-based events within the community where business owners can present their services face-to-face.

Businesses can decide to hold a solo event at their locations as well. It could be a wonderful way to introduce new prospects to their services and products.

Profit Opportunities For Participating Businesses –

As if there aren’t enough promotional elements for businesses to promote their products/services, here are a couple more ways for them to profit.

1) The Sale of The Publication –

The entire idea of this pet marketing event project is based on building priceless value in the publication by incorporating local pets and their owners.

Once released, the publication will only be offered for sale by the businesses that have participated, giving them exclusive rights to sell at a profit to their followers.

2) Sale of The Branding Collaborative –

We touched on this idea earlier… This method will allow businesses licensed branding that can aid in the sale of all sorts of promotional items.

Businesses will be able to create products that they think their customers will love and make ongoing profits!

Businesses Which Are Perfectly Suited For This Event Project

Ready to get this digital pet marketing business idea started? Below is a list of pet related businesses that could benefit from this project. If you’re using this event project to start a business, the following businesses would be the first you can reach out to.

If you happen to own a business in the following categories, you can use this event project to ramp up new leads and sales.

Pet/Dog Groomers
Veterinarian Clinic
Pet based shows & festivals
Pet Cemetery Business
Pet Crematorium
Pet Coffins Selling
Dog Walking Business
Pet Sitting Business
Pet Boarding Service
Dog Training/Obedience
Pet Training Service
Dog Waste Removal (Pooper Scooper)
Pet Couture Business
Pet Food & Restaurants
Pet Supply Store
Pet Business Marketing
Pet Portrait Business
Dog Treat Bakery
Dog Breeding/Selling
Dog Day Care Services
Organic Pet Food Selling
Pet Adoption Business
Pet Drugs Selling
Pet House Making
Pet Lodging Business
Pet Massage Therapy
Pet Movie Producing
Pet Related Radio Talk Show or Podcast
Pet Toy Selling

The Digital Pet Marketing Business idea is an event project that uses strategies detailed in The Event Entrepreneur eBook. If you would like assistance with putting this event project into action, contact us at

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