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ULiveUSA is on the search for innovative guest posts that can blend the latest advancements in digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Our readers want to know how to use digital marketing strategies to create more sales, profits and positive experiences for customers.

We will consider any content that is original, unpublished (even on your own blog), well-written and is of no less than 750 words. The post must appeal to small business owners, freelancers, and online marketers.

When you write for us your guest post can explain how to infuse digital marketing methods to boost profits and use it to capture thet attention of their target audience.

You can also test your creativity and describe how readers could use digital marketing to design campaigns entirely online.

Observe SEO Friendliness:

The post that you write should have focus keywords that are inserted in a way that can be read for human consumption.

Keyword spamming will NOT be accepted.

Key Digital Marketing Topics We’d Like You To Write About:

* Video Marketing
* PPC Advertising (Geotargeting/Geofencing)
* Using Affiliate Marketing Techniques
* SMS Texting & Mobile Marketing
* Mixing Traditional Advertising With Digital
* Engaging With Various Social Media Networks
* Connecting With Social Influencers/Bloggers
* Applications That Would Increase Profits & Event Attendance
* Ways To Get User Generated Content From Events & Social Media
* Creating Newsworthy Campaigns That Can Drive Web Traffic
* Industry Trends On Business & Digital Marketing

And We’ll Give YOU:

* Full credit for your content.
* 2 dofollow links in the author bio.
* Promotion through our social media channels.
* Team recognition after 10 approved posts!

Ready To Write For Us About Digital Marketing & Business!

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